Is Saints Row 4 a Threat to GTA V?

Going by all the details we saw in debut trailer of Saints Row 4 it seemed like, all Volition have done is took Saints Row 3 and added some more over the top childish sci-fi features (fans obviously hated them previously as well) and presented it as a completely new game.

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TheModernKamikaze1951d ago

Should be the other way around with. I kid.

Hydrolex1951d ago


Saints Row is a joke to GTA V

Septic1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Yeah I don't think it is a threat to GTA at all. SR1 and 2 were designed in the vein of GTA and in my opinion, were better games simply by not taking themselves too seriously whilst still striking the balance between fun gameplay and a decent storyline.

The later games however, have strayed from that original 'GTA forumula' by being over the top and far more 'arcadey', to an extent that they have more differences than they have similarities. SR4 makes the likes of Crackdown and Infamous seem tame in the fictional element. GTA5 however appears, comparatively at least, more grounded in reality.

I don't understand the logic behind Volitions idea though. They could have ruffled a few feathers at Rockstar HQ by showing off a next gen edition of Saints Row going back to the roots of the franchise. However, that wouldn't necessarily ensure a better game, because Rockstar are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the quality of their games.

Maybe the developers behind SR4 just aren't bothered with chasing Rockstar anymore?

Thatguy-3101951d ago

Not necessarily a threat but it has built it's own fan base. It gives you a more fun approach to the open world that GTA IV had and that's why people enjoyed it more.

Baylex1951d ago

Agree with you!!
I have much much more fun playing SR3 than GTA IV ;) don't blame me lol the game is fun as hell

omi25p1951d ago

Saints Row isnt "fun" Its too unrealistic and stupid.

MysticStrummer1950d ago

I'm sure some people enjoyed SR more than GTA4, but the majority didn't. SR4 is in no way a threat to GTA5.

ATi_Elite1951d ago

is Sweden a Threat to the United States Military?

The answer is NO NO NO and NOPE!!!!

N0S3LFESTEEM1950d ago

Obama put partial control of our military under the UN... so Sweden's military is our military.

GTA 5 will most likely sell more copies than Saints row 1,2,3,4 combined. That's 11mil copies for the series up to now... to put that in perspective GTA 4 ALONE sold 25mil copies.

Blaze9291950d ago

i knew a dumbass article like this would pop up

AngelicIceDiamond1950d ago

Is a open game that's highly unrealistic, random and imature a threat to GTA.


one of the most controversial games in the industry, one of the most highly rated games to date. And is the only, ONLY game to come out that is next gen repellent?

A super highly anticipated game that could make people not want to get a new console because they wanna play GTA with there friends and don't want to spend 400+ dollars on a console?

GTA is has no threats/competition. The only game I can see "attempting" GTA is Destiny. 2 highly credible companies with very promising games.

But to answer the articles question, no, Hell no.

showtimefolks1949d ago

Simple answer no. SR4 needs to be more like SR2 because IMO SR3 while sometimes fun was too loose and didn't have a structure

Have a little bit of serious time please

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Gimmemorebubblez1951d ago


I hate the dildorection the Saints Row series is going in.

Wenis1951d ago

Same here. SR2 was awesome, but I couldn't get into SR3 and have no desire to play SR4 based on the trailer.

UnHoly_One1950d ago

Yeah Saints Row has really gone downhill.


Root1951d ago

Oh you mean SR3.5....I highly, highly doubt it

GTAV is going to blow SR3.5 out the water

LOGICWINS1951d ago

"Is Saints Row 4 a Threat to GTA V?"

No GTA5 will be the better seller regardless.