3 Things Uncharted Can Learn From Tomb Raider

PixlBit | "When it was announced that Tomb Raider was getting the reboot treatment a few years ago, plenty of people – yours truly included – made it clear that Lara should pay close attention to that other tomb raiding franchise headlined by Nolan North – errr - Nathan Drake. The point is many people looked at Uncharted as Tomb Raider for the current generation. The guys at Crystal Dynamics had their work cut out for them if they didn’t want to be square in the middle of Naughty Dogs giant shadow."

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JoGam1863d ago

Honestly, Uncharted is fine the way it plays. I believe any games learning curve is great for the gamer. It keeps gaming unique. For example, why would I want every game to play like Call of Duty? Im also glad Tomb Raider doesn't play like Uncharted.

Thatguy-3101863d ago

Think the only thing that Uncharted should take away from Tomb raider is basically just have more variety to gameplay. Other than that Uncharted basically triumphs on the rest.

mattdillahunty1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

i agree with you. i've played, beaten, and platinum'd the first two Uncharted games, and i just finished Tomb Raider yesterday. i think Uncharted and the newest Tomb Raider really don't have much in common once you get past the superficial stuff. sure, if you want to go down a checklist like, "both are treasure hunters, both are 3rd person shooters, both have a cover mechanic, etc" then yeah, it might seem like the games have a lot in common. but when you actually play them, the experiences, emotions conveyed, and aesthetics are completely different.

Uncharted is more of a PG-13, fun-for-everyone summer blockbuster that has a ton of excitement, amazement, and fast-paced, nerve-wrenching moments. the characters are likeable, funny, and well-acted, and the gameplay is mostly simple, but i mean that in a good way. you can just kick back and have a blast with Uncharted, because it will entertain you like few other games can.

Tomb Raider, on the other hand, is more of a deeper, emotional experience, and definitely one with more mature tones. it's a lot more personal with Lara's story and development as a character, both emotionally and physically, and many of the game's plot devices and set pieces play into that aspect. it's also darker and more violent, but in a necessary way to make certain aspects hit home harder (such as when Lara gets badly hurt). it also has some exciting and gripping set pieces like Uncharted, but they're not as much of a focal point in the game.

i'm not saying one game is better than the other, it's just that they do different things and serve different purposes. many games from many genres could learn from both games, and both games could also learn from other games out there. the problem, though, is when people pair these two together as if you have to compare them. you don't, and they're not trying to deliver the same experience.

Thatguy-3101863d ago

Tomb Raider is plastered with set pieces. They honestly just filled that game with too many. And had to disagree because it was hard having any sort of emotion when a voice cast is mediocre.

jrbeerman111863d ago

bubbles and slow clap for mattdillhunty,

inveni01862d ago

Is that the real Matt Dillahunty? If so, do you find N4G patrons better or worse than the callers-in on Atheist Experience?

kreate1863d ago

well i think they should add some RPG elements to uncharted. upgrading attack/defense, weapons, riot shield, and ability to semi-control the partner character. like give her/him weapons or armor, etc.

tomb raider is more of a mature theme while uncharted is for more of a broader audience of gamers.
tomb raider is M rated while uncharted is T rated.
its unfair to compare those two like ive seen in recent opinion piece articles.

u have to compare tomb raider to the last of us where both of them are more of a survival game than looking for treasures.

if nathan drake and lara croft went at it, im not sure who would win but im pretty sure nathan would end up saving lara.

i hope next tomb raider will have nathan drake as a special guest. come inside the game and lighten the mood up a little bit, lara is too serious.

Ezz20131863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

TR is a survival game ..with auto health recovery and lots of ammo?!

never heard of survival game do that

kreate1862d ago


Well.. now u heard it :)

'More of' than a treasure hunting is the key words.

Auto health recovery and lots of ammo is just part of a video game.

Not part of any genre.

Root1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

"Tomb Raider bypasses this issue for the most part by setting up smaller encounters that allow the player to handle the situation as they see fit. You can pick enemies off one by one, you can set up an ambush or you can run in guns a-blazin’ if you want."

Smaller....hardly. They were still pretty big when you look at them

So it's fine for a totally non experienced women to survive wave after wave of enemies AND <SPOILER> the bloody great warriors....the Oni but it's out of character when Drake goes against them despite knowing more about surviving then the new Lara.

"For a game called Uncharted, it sure does seem like your path is completely mapped out for you. Levels are designed to simply get you from point A to point B, with perhaps a few simple puzzles sprinkled in to add some small amount of break in the monotony."

because thats the game NaughtyDog wanted to create, they wanted to tell us a cinematic story. How can you do that when you offer too much freedom. Having Uncharted open world wasn't part of their plan when creating the game. You would know this if you watched the behind the scenes stuff. Same goes for upgrading weapons and learning new skills....thats not what Uncharted is about, adding them in the next game would seem out of place.

Uncharted should be left the way it is, there's nothing wrong with it. I don't see why people are complaining about it being linear all of a sudden. It's not like the first game was open world and then it had a sudden change which made it more linear and restricted you.

You can see the new Tomb Raider plays like Uncharted so why would we want Uncharted to now play more like this Tomb Raider. We want the games to be their own franchises not copy from one another.

pr0t0typeknuckles1863d ago

that sir is what ive been telling alot of people on here,but for some odd reason they just dont get it.

1863d ago
smashcrashbash1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Okay first of all what is with the Uncharted should be more like Tomb Raider thing everyone is going on about? Secondly how is Tomb Raider's ability to suddenly have the skill to fight off trained gun men, wolves and hunt very hard to catch animals and somehow kill everyone perfectly despite the fact that this is her first time doing it so believable? At least Drake has the excuse that he has been doing it for years what is her excuse?

Thirdly Drake's situation is different then Lara's.You talk about breaking immersion but Drake was in a race against time to stop the bad guy.How would that have looked if he stopped to raid tombs and go back to certain countries. Wouldn't people ask 'What happened to the urgency?'. Drake didn't go on side missions and go hunting animals and raiding tombs because he was on a mission to stop the bad guy which is why he just picked up artifacts on the way. Also i know people think it is somehow realistic that Lara would stop and look for tombs while she is being hunted down and is trying to survive but that is really stupid if you think about it. Going back to search for relics and tombs while you are outnumbered on an island with wild animals and killers would be the last thing on any person's mind.

So I would like people to stop acting as if what Lara is doing is any less or more realistic. You can't believe he can be as ruthless and unflinching as a marine from Call of Duty well I can't believe that Lara could fight tons of enemies, fight off wolves and become a murderer so quickly even though this is her first time killing people.It would be more realistic if she was experience Lara but in her current state she would have either starved to death, got eaten by wild animals or been shot in the head the first time she met the enemy.Or her first kill would have left her in shock unable to kill another person.So please I know you haven't played a good Tomb Raider for a while but try to keep your delusions that it is more realistic then Uncharted to yourself.If Tomb Raider was realistic she would be dead not swinging through jungles, killing gun men and fighting off wolves.Drake probably could survive a lot longer because he has experience and has been taught to fight,shoot and survive.Besides let Uncharted do it's own thing and don't let it copy Tomb Raider so we have to listen to another decade of how Uncharted is copying Tomb Raider.We already had to listen to that for years and I would prefer not to listen to it again.ND has their own ideas

Root1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )


It's not anymore realistic then what Nathan Drake does

It's like nobody has played the old Tomb Raider games in a long time...forgetting what made Tomb Raider....Tomb Raider.

Same thing happened with the dmc reboot, people forgot what made the franchise so good and they (reviewers) praised the reboot when it was inferior to the last instalment (DMC4) despite the fact sequels/new instalments are supposed to improve with each instalment not backtrack.

I love Tomb Raider and I love Uncharted but this Tomb Raider now is starting to become a little over rated. Why do people not want the franchise to be like what it was but more like a poor mans Uncharted with some exploring here and there when the exploring and raiding Tombs is supposed to be Lara Crofts main goal.

If they wanted to do a survival story with Lara why not just do her original backstory where her plane goes down in the Himalayas (the orginal not Legend/Underworlds version). Least then it would be THE Lara Croft most of us grew up with.

Thatguy-3101863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

I'll tell you why they want it to be like Uncharted... Because it's multiplatform. I agree to the extend that many people have claimed about this game has really made it OVERRATED.

Imalwaysright1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

ND has their own ideas" That statement is laughable specially when NOTHING about Uncharted is original. ND took hints from TR, RE4, Winback and MGS. Those are the revolutionary games that helped shape Uncharted and many other games that we see and play today. ND has NEVER made a revolutionary game before.

@ Root Overrated according to whom? You? You were already talking crap about TR even before the game released, without even playing a lousy demo. Its no wonder that you feel that TR is overrated.

@ DC so no one is allowed to enjoy TR more than Uncharted because its a multiplatform game? Its impossible for someone to enjoy TR more than Uncharted because you say so? Talk about being delusional!!

Edit @ Root yes you did, yes you did! You were to implying that early TR reviews were being paid off even before you had the played it.

Root1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

I never called Tomb Raider crap or anything like that before it's release so you know. I might of said it looks like Uncharted and not like what TR is about but it's true, so it's not like I pulled that one out of thin air

I don't see why your getting so defensive when people criticize something you like. Why can't you just let people have their opinions and move on, it's not going to ruin the game for you.

The only games I've called before release have been FF13 (got that one right), RE6 (got that one right), Dead Space 3 and dmc (again I got it right) and FUSE which to me looks generic as hell and something EA will ruin like everything else....IN MY OPINION.

"Overrated according to whom?"

I meant it in how many articles were getting like this about this Tomb Raider beating Uncharted and praising it like it's the best game ever. Sorry but in my opinion this TR didn't even scratch the surface of what Uncharted 3 gave us, never mind Uncharted 2. Least with Uncharted you have a decent multiplayer aswell...thats an added bonus.

Ezz20131863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )


what uncharted took from TR ?!

plz point me to things uncharted took from TR

"Those are the revolutionary games that helped shape Uncharted and many other games that we see and play today. ND has NEVER made a revolutionary game before."

if what you say is true then tell me why alot of games try to copy uncharted games this gen and still fail at it ?!

smashcrashbash1863d ago

Yawn.If you want to do that dance then Tomb Raider isn't original either and neither is this one. It took a whole bunch of ideas from Uncharted and Assassins Creed.Even the 'press button to do this' isn't original.Neither is the 'survive on a island by finding your inner survivalist' story or theme. So what is your point? If you want to play that game the concept of Lara comes from the original adventurer raiding tombs and fighting bad guys on the way thing comes all the way back from comics and Indiana Jones. Please don't start about what idea came from what or who is original because by that logic only the person who came up with the original adventurer motif is not copying someone.

Naughty Dog came up with their own enemies, their own story, their own characters and locations etc.If you want to call them out for similarities to something else then I could easily drag out Tomb Raider for the same thing.Let's just have peace and forget trying to compare TR to Uncharted and let them live side by side in peace. If not I can easily put down TR for it's unbelievable story and full of holes plots. Or what about how she can somehow take down giant dinosaurs with thick hides or creatures made of stone with guns or somehow can take on huge amounts of gun toting bad guys and survive all by herself when at least Drake got help.Or how in the new game she got the taste for blood so quickly that she could just start murdering people. Don't argue originality or realism with me and Uncharted and compare it to Tomb Raider cause I have ammunition I can fire right back

Imalwaysright1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

What did Uncharted take from TR? You guys should ask what the action adventure genre in general took from TR, not just one game. TR set the the template for pretty much every 3D action adventure in existance and is one of the most influential games this industry has seen.

Here, read and learn before spouting nonsense.

Ezz20131862d ago

you still didn't tell me
what uncharted took from TR ??

Imalwaysright1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

The template, the standard, the formula, the concept (pick wich one makes you sleep better at night). TR set the template for pretty much every 3D action adventure game just like GTA3 set the template for every open world game. Get it now?

aquamala1862d ago


have you played any Tomb Raider games before Uncharted came out? how can you not see the similarities?

look at all the Uncharted 1 review, they ALL compare it to Tomb Raider

"The gameplay can and has been summed up as Tomb Raider meets Gears of War"

"With its treasure hunting, tropical setting and third-person presentation, Uncharted will draw many comparisons with Tomb Raider."

"A third-person action-adventure title in the same vein as Tomb Raider"

"Uncharted: Drake's Fortune isn't just Tomb Raider without the breasts. Yes, the combination of jungle settings, treasure-filled ruins and explosive gunplay looks a little too familiar"

Derekvinyard131862d ago

I can agree with you guys on this one tomb raider shaped a lot of things today

kreate1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

Unfortunately ezz doesnt have bubbles to reply to aqua but this is a interesting debate.

Although there's no end to it.

I dont think anyone copied anything from anyone.

In a sense that the ideas are already out there, its about bringing old and new ideas together to create a good gaming experience.

Video games has the same issue as hollywood. Running out of ideas. Thats why cabin in the woods was made. To show that the horror genre has lost any new ideas nor is it even scary anymore.

We've seen it all already.

I enjoyed nathans humor, but I also enjoy lara's island experience.

I hope they meet each other one day and put a romantic spin-off. Nathan will show her how to be a true tomb raider.

MikeMyers1862d ago

"Why can't you just let people have their opinions and move on, it's not going to ruin the game for you."

This coming from the same guy who constantly repeats himself in numerous articles. Seriously, how many times do you need to keep saying the same thing? You did it with Devil May Cry and now you're doing it with Tomb Raider. Post your opinion and move on or do you just tell people to do as you say but not as you do?

Tomb Raider is a great game, Uncharted is a great series. What are we all complaining about again?

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rocky0475861862d ago

I don't get when people say that this is her first time doing things like this. The ONLY thing that was made clear is that this is her first expedition and that she was going to experience her first time killing a person. Who said that she didn't have archery training? Hand to hand combat training? Gun training? You can have all of those things without having killed a single soul and that's exactly what Lara Croft had before she went on this expedition. So she took what she knows as a Croft, everything that her Father taught her about taking care of herself and surviving, and she applied it to a real life situation. You'd be surprised at what ordinary people can do in extraordinary situations.

Well Lara Croft is an extraordinary young woman so why is it such a far stretch as to how and why she can do the things she does in the game so quickly? Of course she can, she's LARA CROFT! We know who she is and that was never changed in this reboot, the only thing that was changed is HOW she became the bad ass that she is now. When more people get that through their heads they will understand what drives Lara to push forward with killing and surviving and knowing how to do those things in the game so quickly. As for the killing wolves part, is that any more different than Liam Neeson's character in The Grey being able to kill off wolves when it was his first time in that type of situation?

In fact the entire game reminds me of that film a lot now that I think about it. You have an incredibly well knowledgable guy going into the unknown and surviving against all elements man, earth, and animal, that's exactly what Lara Croft does in her first adventure. She has the wherewithal to get it done, she sometimes doubts that she does but it's there and that's why she is now the Lara Croft that we all know and love.

I don't have anything to say about the Uncharted thing because you're right about that. Uncharted should remain how it is unless they focus on something else besides urgency.

Philoctetes1863d ago

I haven't played Tomb Raider yet (looking forward to it, though) so I can't comment on the comparisons. Having said that, I'm always thrown when people complain about the shooting mechanics in Uncharted. The shooting controls in that game are absolutely perfect to me; headshotting pirates never gets old and makes me enjoy replaying these titles.

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