Tomb Raider Was Originally Titled As Tomb Raider: Ascension, Featured Demons & Giants, Artworks Leak

DSOGaming writes: "We seriously love this kind of leaks. DevianArt’s Tomb-Raider-Empire has leaked some interesting artworks and a video from an early build of the newly released Tomb Raider game, showcasing some of the enemies and abilities of Lara’s that were not included in the final build. According to the artworks and the leaked video, the new Tomb Raider game was originally meant to be called Tomb Raider: Ascension, featured demons and giants similar to those of Shadows of Colossus, and Lara could horseback-ride (on an island mission) and there was a flamethrower as one of Lara’s weapons."

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Smurf11950d ago

It's from that Geoff Keighley app I think. Very interesting.

Thatguy-3101950d ago

In fact the concept did seem interesting. Think they should have stuck with it. Now let's hope some of this becomes the next game.

knowyourstuff1950d ago

It would just look like they were ripping off God of War:Ascension, that released right alongside Tomb Raider. Same subtitle as GoW, and now with demons and giants.... you can't tell me they wouldn't be at least accused of blatantly ripping off GoW.

Irishguy951949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Tomb Raider series came out Way before God of war was ever concepted. Tomb Raider had you fighting Deity's way before God of War. Tomb Raider 2013 was announced WAY BEFORE God of war Ascension.

Now, EVEN at that(That your point is reversed, God of war would have been copying Tomb Raider)...they are still NOTHING alike and I doubt anyone would see it as copying

EbeneezerGoode1949d ago

Zzzzzz no, tomb raider is fine as it is.

SilentNegotiator1950d ago

It should have been "Absolution"
Squeenix could have had an entire series of them. lol

OhMyGandhi1949d ago

followed by Judgement and Retribution.

Y_51501950d ago

interesting but the final product still looks great. I'll be weird if God of War: Ascension and Tomb Raider: Ascension out on the same month. lol

Ezz20131950d ago

ascension is better than ascension

Y_51501950d ago

Why does this always happens to GOW, no the other GOW!

ICECREAM1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Could've been a great game. it is really close to original Tomb Raider.

john21950d ago

I'm pretty sure that some of those ideas will be included in the sequel

pr0t0typeknuckles1950d ago

i actually wish this was in the final product,it would of felt even more like a tomb raider game.


How so? I see no mention of tombs with large complex puzzles that could never be mistaken for a challenge room...

Note: No down vote from me... Just curious as to me it doesn't/didn't feel like a real Tomb Raider game do to a lack of tomb/complex puzzles and not much else...

pr0t0typeknuckles1950d ago

the giants and demons aspect is more out of this world than the current villians in the game,and in the old tomb raiders one of the coolest things was that lara would go up against some very outlandish creatures,like demons,mummys,atlantians,dinos aurs,i guess you can say zombies,etc...

ICECREAM1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )


Yes, you are right, you've got the idea seeing five minutes of pre-development footage.


@ICECREAM; My statement is more based upon playing the final product to conclusion and seeing all the optional tombs/puzzles/content than the artwork/article above. It doesn't much matter what Lara fights/encounters complex puzzles/tombs can always be included.

@pr0t0typeknuckles; Cool, I can understand that... But I would say that the biggest change was the swapping of puzzles for combat and not so much who or what Lara fights.

RedDeadLB1950d ago

It looks absolutely different, more on the lines of Tomb Raider Underworld 2 than the Tomb Raider we got. However, Lara looks more skilled in the video so I'm guessing they completely scrapped the idea and started anew. This could be the foundation for the next title though, with the power the next-gen consoles provide it would be very doable.

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