No Real Benefit in Buying PS4 Over Gaming PC – Nordic Games BM

"The business development manager at Nordic Games, Reinhard Pollice, had some interesting things to tell us about the PS4 and the also about their recently released game Painkiller Hell and Damnation, in a yet to be published interview."

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aviator1891920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

um...the exclusive games and familiar ecosystem??

I'd say those two are awesome reasons to get a ps4.

T9001920d ago Show
Neko_Mega1920d ago

Reasons to get a PS4 over a PC:

Cheaper then PC.
All games run on high settings without the need to upgrade to get them.
Being able to share games without have to buy any code keys to use games.

An you say PS4 doesn't have to many good exclusives? Sorry but PC doesn't get to many as well and PC is losing alot of developers do to more people buying games on console then PC. COD being one of the biggest ones.

decrypt1920d ago


I bought over 150games on Steam in these last 6 years.

A) they cost me much less then console versions, i might have saved USD 2-3K just because i bought them on PC and on Steam discounts.

B) Had i bought them for a console i would have been pulling my hair right now since i wouldnt be able to play them on the next box.

Console gamers may argue you can keep the PS3. Yes you can but what happens after it fails? Do i keep buying it again and again? What happens if i have games from the PS2 gen too? So now am i supposed to buy the PS2 and PS3 again and again just so i can maintain my library.

I would rather prefer 1 modern machine that plays it all. Sorry but i dont have the space for multiple boxes and their accessories mean while the cost to maintain so many boxes.

T9001920d ago


"All games run on high settings without the need to upgrade to get them.
Being able to share games without have to buy any code keys to use games."

First its not cheaper, games are cheaper on PC. 600usd PC outperforms the PS4 as of today.

Does the PS3 run all games at high settings? No it doesnt, in comparison to PC, PS3 runs games in Low settings with no AA, blurry textures. Same will be the comparison for PS4.

"An you say PS4 doesn't have to many good exclusives? Sorry but PC doesn't get to many as well and PC is losing alot of developers do to more people buying games on console then PC. COD being one of the biggest ones."

PS4 maybe getting 2-3 good exclusives a year, not everyone likes all exclusives. PC has more exclusives than any console, you need to catch up.

PC gamers are happy developers like Activision are solely concentrated on consoles since their model of business wont work for PC gamers aka rehashing the same game every year.

DA_SHREDDER1920d ago

T900. Yeah and I could get a virus that totally screws up my computer, and get this, I just bought a brand new pc, and I can't get on steam, I have windows 8 and the flash driver is having issues. And dont tell me its me, It happened to another win 8 comp I had. BTW, the real reason to get a ps4 is cause Sony makes good hardware that last, and its all proprietary, so all my friends and I need to do is pick up and play. Screw pc gaming

brave27heart1920d ago

All the PC fanboys trying to claim no bc is an issue. Like my PS3 is going anywhere just because im buying a PS4. And no, im not too lazy to change a couple of leads over. Anyone who says its too difficult to keep swapping needs to take a serious look at their attitude.

Oh, but what about when it breaks in a few years time?

Then I'll buy a new one. A PS2 can be bought for £15 now. PS3's will be cheap in the future if I need to replace it.

Theres one reason I wont buy a PC. Its not price, because they're pretty close. Its not that the box under the TV (whatever your choice is) is designed to do just one primary thing - play games and developers have tools to make the most out of whatever power is in the box.

The reason is simply that I can drop £300-400 on a console this year and know that in 5,6,7+ years time that console will still be relevant. That the person over the street isnt going to have a more powerful Playstation or an Xbox with better graphics. Developers know whats under the hood and they know that every console of that type will be the same. Theres no minimum requirements on consoles, and because of this look at the quality of games they can make for consoles is of the highest level.

I dont slate PC players for their choice of gaming rig. Why do PC players insist on claiming superiority over consoles?

Hydrolex1920d ago

honestly, if you are rich, you would buy a sick ass PC and a PS4...

if you are an average gamer, PS4 is way to go

Dee_911920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

them pc elitist are getting threatened
that vast low budget exclusive game list no one cares about
that $600 pc with great specs and no OS
them cheap steam multiplat games I can find on amazon for the same price.
let the jimmies rustle

all jokes aside.Im getting a gaming laptop when I get my tax returns in a few weeks.Besides money I dont see a reason gamers cant enjoy the best of both worlds

guitarded771920d ago

If a person is not excited about PlayStation exclusives, then they're not a very good gamer. I don't give a crap what your preferred platform is... if you're missing a platform, you're missing quality gaming experiences. Multi-plats are great, but many exclusives go above and beyond multi-plats because they can play to the specific platform's strengths.

Axe991920d ago

@ T900 - if you think your $600 PC will stack up against a PS4. It's the mistake all PC-only gamers make when looking at specs, and its just as silly as claiming the PS4 will beat high-end PCs.

PC's have a huge barrier to reaching optimal performance through Windows (and yes, you could game on Linux, but then you'd be playing with less games than the PS4 will likely launch with :P). Then, on top of that, devs have to cope with numerous different hardware configurations, leading to far lower optimisation.

Even now, consoles perform far better, per dollar of cost - than PCs. Claim that a $250 PC that can give you visuals like God of War: Ascension or Halo 4 and they'll lock you in a loony bin. Tbh, I'd wager that $600 PC wouldn't actually give you much better, and it costs more than twice as much.

Then, of course, you have the extra work to make things work. The tweaking, the changing of .ini files, the selective patching and whatever else can (and often does) go wrong. One of the biggest reasons I prefer my multiplats on PS3 and Xbox 360 over PC (I have all three - PC for grand strategy and exclusives) is because I know the game will work every time. No hours of searching forums and trying different fixes just to get to the menu screen (hello Mass Effect, and Victoria 2).

Temporary1919d ago

PC gaming is overrated. No good developers, some good games here and there. Only good thing about PC gaming is that you can pay for upgrades to make your game look shinier :)

Real gamers have both PC and Playstation, but only a fool would say there's no benefit to getting a PS4 over a PC. If you like games, PS4 is where it's at...PC just wont ever be at the level of console games. And I dont mean visually, before you PC elitists come at me foaming at hte mouth.

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NameRemoved00171920d ago

so the PS4 having like 10 exclusive games a year is better than the pcs thousands.

MoonWheel1920d ago

If they're exclusives I want to play then hell yes

BattleAxe1920d ago

Most exclusive PC games are low budget, and have little to no mass market appeal. The only PC exclusives worth getting excited for are Warcraft, Starcraft, League of Legends and maybe ARMA, and that's if you're into those types of games. If you want to be a PC only gamer, thats fine, but you're only depriving yourself from some of the best games in the industry by avoiding Sony's consoles.

Nightfallen1920d ago

I have a beefy PC I use for gaming as well as a PS3 and PS4 at launch. For FPSs and MMOs I stick to my PC. But for third person games, amazing PS3 exclusives, netflix on my big tv and splitscreen gaming, I prefer console. I'm not a fanboy that sticks and defends one or the other, instead I enjoy both worlds.

MysticStrummer1920d ago

"so the PS4 having like 10 exclusive games a year is better than the pcs thousands."

*looks at the GotY list from the PS3/360 era*

Yes. Yes it is.

Brucis1920d ago

People have different tastes. Those thousands of exclusives don't matter if they don't appeal to him.

badz1491920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

There are really thousands of exclusive pc title a year? Are u for real? Even if it's true, no one plays a 100 games a year let alone thousands!

I have a gaming pc too but just like him, I love to play on my PS3 more and it will be no different with the PS4 as long as there are games I am interested in.'s not worth it for me to have spent the amount of 3 ps3s to buy my pc because I love gaming on my PS3 more? I don't think so! So it's the same too vise versa

P_Bomb1920d ago

Bigger IP and exclusivity (timed or otherwise) on console in this PS3/PS4 transition year are a benefit imo. Have been for a while.

Critical PC IP like Diablo 3 seem to make their way to console with much more regularity. The reverse, not so much. The PC only *just* got Brutal Legend this year. Arkham City and Dark Souls came late as will other multiplats I've wanted like Metal Gear Rising, if it comes to PC at all.

Reinhard's own game and PC exclusive 'Painkiller: Hell and Damnation' (a 64% on metacritic) will also release on console in another month, but with better received FPS out there like Killzone, the PS4's Killzone:Shadowfall feels like a safer investment. Exclusive wise, consoles seem to have the benefit this year, Rein'.

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OlgerO1920d ago

How about not having to worry about games not being playable on your four year Ps4 like you have to do with pc

reynod1920d ago

What happens when a game like Skyrim, COD, Fallout, Farcry 3 releases on the PS4 and you have bad frame rates and the devs arent doing anything about it. You are stuck with no options.

Atleast on the PC you have the community making patches and fixes or you can upgrade to more powerful hardware to play the game. With console you are just stuck with your hands tied behind your back.

Minato-Namikaze1920d ago

@reynod, good thing i dont play, skyrim, fallout, or farcry (i dabble in COD mainly because of the old lady). I play a few games on my PC, mainly RTS games, but the majority of the games i like comes out on consoles.

Play what you like and dont insult people for having different tastes......unless they start to affect what you like, lol.

N0S3LFESTEEM1919d ago

Lol... way way way too exaggerated there. PC's will last a lot longer than 4 years... most definitely not on max settings though but at this point low settings now are better looking than what the current consoles can do. My friend was able to play BF3 on a i7(1.6GHz) laptop using the integrated graphics which weren't even close to reaching the minimum specs required for that game. The 560 is what most games recommend at the moment... the 680 being necessary to max out most games. A single 690 or a titan would last you through the next gen console life.

ziggurcat1920d ago

also significantly cheaper than a gaming PC...

s45gr321919d ago

it depends on what the gamer is willing to invest in regards to PC gaming. The issue with PC gaming is the understanding of the pc parts. Most people buy PC parts according to brand and price which leads to constant problems, upgrades, and headaches. You have to look for the details like ram check it's clock speed, watts usage, amount. Power supply make sure it's certified preferably gold or silver, dual rail, number of watts it contains. When it comes to PC gaming is all about what the parts offer and that are compatible with one another. Those that look into the details can build an efficient, low power (watts usage) long lasting gaming pc.

TheTwelve1920d ago

I've never seen the PC side so threatened by consoles.

JsonHenry1920d ago

The only reason I buy any console is for the exclusives. Otherwise I would just stay with a PC since I am a graphics/options/mods whore.

Gratisfaction1920d ago

Geez, so much controversy about the PS4 and a gaming PC.

PC's are afraid of what the PS4 can develop. That's why they're accusing the PS4 of not being beneficial or "not worth your money" or "PS4 is incompetent"!

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ToonarmY1919d ago

PC has exclusives too...

joeorc1919d ago

Exactly 100%

The Exclusives, the Ecosystem and the social interaction with other Console gamer's. I mean why would you as a gamer get a Console Game system in the first place if that was not it?

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PopRocks3591920d ago

It's always things like exclusives and features that will make a console more attractive. I think this guy is speaking specifically about the graphics department.

ICECREAM1919d ago

I really don't understand, why do people compare consoles with pc?
They are different products in the market just like, tablets, mobiles, televisions etc.
Ok, they both play games but nobody compares tablets with consoles and pc regarding graphics because people know that there is no comparison because every product can be different.
Secondly consoles are dedicated gaming machines and you can carry game discs and the consoles, where ever you go, for example you have a party at friend's house you don't need to setup them.
Thirdly, ease of excess, you just put the disc in the console and play, no error messages, no lengthy installation process, you don't need any prior knowledge just to play the game and there are no settings.

PirateThom1920d ago

I still don't get why people think like this. If I wanted to play games on PC, I'd do it but, as it turns out, I find console gaming a much more enjoyable experience for a variety of reasons.

s45gr321919d ago

such as what pay for dlc, pay for yearly subscriptions, less content for your games. Servers get shut down and the console gamer cannot longer play online no more. At the moment Sony is the only corporation that delivers excellent exclusives that are innovative or new ips, Microsoft just gears and halo and Nintendo same franchises from 1985 like Mario zelda and metroid. Ten there was the whole debate about the PS3 getting hacked which prevented PS3 gamers from playing online. Not that PC gaming is perfect it still has a learning curve dealing with setting up and buying pc parts. Other than maintaining the PC and the learning curve PC gaming is pure bliss.

InsaneChronos1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Butthurt, it's everywhere.

sloth33951920d ago

1 benefit is no windows 8