Scarlet Blade Introduces a New MMO’s Genre: SexFi

Scarlet Blade explores and abuses the concept of “female character” by creating extremely unnatural sexual subjects. But that’s not everything; females in this game are not just sexually boosted beyond belief, they’re also displayed in a very crude way. This game introduces a whole new gaming genre, SexFi, it’s not really about the story, about the features or the interactive content, it’s all about sex and how it can be used to sell a gaming title.

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insomnium22015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Ummm.. the link is broken. "nothing found"? I want my sexfi damn it!

ApolloTheBoss2015d ago

Link is broken. What is it? I must know!!

nyobzoo2014d ago

Playing the close beta ATM, it's your standard go here and kill this, repeat mmo fare but at least there's something to look at while doing it :p

Neko_Mega2014d ago < Even pick your under wear.

Japanese love their video games with hot girls.

IcicleTrepan2014d ago

cuz dudes that look like the incredible hulk are so much more realistic..

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