The Top 5 Next-Gen Games Appearing at GDC 2013

GameVerb: "This year’s GDC conference promises some exciting new reveals. Here’s a look at the top 5 most anticipated games at this year’s Game Developers Conference."

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Muffins12232017d ago

Why are there no good gaming news on sunday :c

PockyKing2017d ago

Cause it's the weekend? People aren't at work.

KnightRobby2016d ago

I've never understood why online game magazines never update on the weekend. :/

OlgerO2016d ago

Yeah this is the time that Im on these sites the most

Alcohog2016d ago

Because it's the weekend. :|

guitarded772016d ago

What the hell kind of accent does this guy have?

medman2016d ago

I recognize a zombie when I hear one. Let's get him!!

2016d ago
venom062016d ago

ah yes... save the best for last.. too bad MW4 will more than likely be another copy and paste job like MW3 was..