New Dragon Ball Z Game Announced - Tap Battle

Tap Battle will allow players to take control of high speed fights against the CPU or friend by simply touching the screen.

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tayz1142d ago

hope this comes to the US, my phone wants that loving!

Muffins12231142d ago

ugh -_-...your the reason for the fall of mobile gaming

DarkHeroZX1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

If only this game was made by team 4 star.......

Snookies121141d ago

If that were the case, you can bet Nappa would be haunting Vegeta throughout the game.

Chrono1141d ago

Can't they make Attack of the Saiyans 2?

GEO98751141d ago

More ios trash, great....

DrRichtofen1141d ago

You mean Android, it hasn't been announced for iOS only android

nato251141d ago

It is confirmed for ios just coming later. And i doubt the main development team was focused on this game so not sure what all the complaining is about. Looks fun for what it is.