Are Next Generation Games the Future of Fitness?

GamerFitNation: Fitness games have been around for years but they have never really been considered popular; they almost seemed out of place when set next to the newest first person shooter. However, the fitness video game market has evolved in recent years.

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ape0071891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

touch screens, motion controles, cameras, kinects, moves etc..., they are all nice little touches but was NEVER the "thing" for me, they are all flash

Core Game Material FTW

Anon19741891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

I'm sorry. What does that have to do with fitness games?

Edit: I think the article is poorly titled. We're not talking about any old game here - they're talking specifically about "fitness games", nothing else. And I absolutely agree. I've used various workout dvd's in the past and I greatly prefer fitness games for the tracking, the stats, the feedback while you're working out and for the variety. I'd much rather have a fitness "game" with an assortment of exercises with objectives and goals to help keep me motivated. Watching the same DVD exercises while doing them over and over again, it just becomes boring quick.

Of course they're no substitute for hitting the gym, but they're certainly better than doing nothing. After using Sports Active 2, I can certainly see the appeal of these types of fitness games that use body tracking armbands to help assist in determining if you're actually doing the exercises while tracking pulse information. Games like Wii-fit may have questionable fitness benefits, but using something like Sports Active 2 in conjunction with the strength training kit is a workout that can flat out kick your ass. I couldn't imagine ever going back to simply following a DVD.

Sharius1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

yeah, if you want to become a home monkey

but i rather stay here and play my game, i wish rather than waste money to develope those game, they find the way so my remote will go straight to my hand whenever i need it

Donnieboi1890d ago

That's fine for you. But the rest of us actually like being actractive/fit to the opposite sex. Good luck yanking your "remote" for the rest of your life.