Seven Sega Genesis Games I Wish Would Get Rebooted

UM writes: Few moments in my gaming memory stand out to me like the first time I heard that rapsy “SEGA” soundbyte before playing the first Sonic the Hedgehog game. That blew my mind, and I remember restarting the game four or five times because I was obviously retarded, and thought it was so cool. From that moment forth, I was a Sega guy. Please, get all your laughter out of the way for a moment, I don’t blame you. I know the Super Nintendo had a better game catalogue (I can admit that now), but I would’ve fought you had you come to me face to face with that same statement back in the day.

Years later, we see that Sega have not exactly shown the staying power of Nintendo, but regardless of that fact, there are still quite a few Genesis games that I consider to be 16-bit gold. And while reboots usually suck, and can sometimes even ruin a franchise (say what, Bionic Commando robo-arm-that-is-my-dead-wife) , but I would be lying were I to tell you that reboots of these games wouldn’t perk my nips, atleast for a second. Have some love for the Genesis? Take to the comments and tell me what games YOU would love to see rebooted. Or tell me I suck, I promise I will take that criticism better this time. Maybe.

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kalkano2018d ago

I'm a little shocked to see Phantasy Star 3 there. I thought 3 was the least-liked of the (original) series. I just finished playing the first one, and am playing the seconed one, now (for the first time). I'm playing them all in order (this gen gave me plenty of time to dent the backlog), and 3 is next.

Let's hear some opinions. How does 3 stack up to the rest?

Also, more than anything, Sega needs to re-reboot Shining Force. The first attempt at a reboot was an atrocity, and I can't believe it's still going.

kristoforsparrow2016d ago

Altered Beast and Streets of Rage. I'd love to see the return of the 2D beat 'em ups in HD. Word.