Gears of War: Judgment OverRun Demo Hands-On (ThisisXbox)

ThisisXbox writes: "I have to let you know, this game is different, real different. Gears of War Judgment has taken the balls to wall “best gun wins” style of multiplayer, and switched it up to a class-based, strategic, team shooter. I started off playing horribly, but then once I plugged the headset in and was able to coordinate with my teammates, I was engaged in a plethora of “army talk” and team induced victory. Each class compliments the other if you can just plan it out. Soldiers and medics attack while scouts and engineers hold. This genius addition has made an already excellent game series, fantastic."

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GusBricker1920d ago

I don't like Gears multiplayer, I think it's a shotgun fest, but I have to say, Overrun is pretty damn fun.

My only complaint, there's only one map in the demo.

giovonni1920d ago

You know you have a great game on your hands when a friend, a grown ass man i might add, calls you up at 11:45pm to ask you if you are ready to play gears, and it's not even out yet!
Its nice to see the multiplayer has turned out to be good, that's a plus. I would have liked a demo of maybe, a tech level to tickle my fancy. I'm interested in seeing the Gears universe from the Delta Squads point of view. However, Baird is not my Fav character, but I can ignore it.

OhMyGandhi1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

is his name Jerry Sandusky?

EDIT: eh... I feel sick.

but yes, I agree with you. I've owned both platforms, and I just love XBL for its community, I never felt disconnected from friends at all. Fun times.

giovonni1920d ago

lol, nope. It's a friend of mine we've been playing gears since it first came out online together. You are absoultly right, XBL has been a wonderful experience heres to seeing the future of it being free.