Opinion: Women - Stop Ruining God Of War And Make Me A Sandwich

NowGamer Opinion: How the 'Bros Before Hos' God of War trophy proves gaming has become a byword for knee-jerk reactions to misogyny that doesn't exist.

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Snookies121981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Yep, it's completely overblown and idiotic to protest this. If you're saying women deserve special attention in games, that's a sexist statement in itself. Not to mention the scene wasn't even anything that bad compared to bashing Zeus's face in as long as you want while the screen was covered in red blood.

Y_51501981d ago

If any day you are in a bad mood. Just pop in God of War 3 and keep bashing Zues's face into the ground as long as your heart desires.

Who needs therapy when you can feel better playing a video game! :P

kamauhigh1981d ago

Your proposal is appropriately modest.

LOGICWINS1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

WOW, didn't a know a female producer came up with the trophy. Wonder how the Sess would feel about hearing that.

Tetsujin1980d ago

I guarantee he's going to respond with something like "oh she's a tomboy, she don't count" or "She was paid to say it's ok however in some unconfirmed, made up interview she didn't agree and was told if she wanted to keep her job to stay quiet."


Now anyone can call "foul" on a trophy/achievement and with enough complaining the companies will start re-naming them to shut the public up.

soniqstylz1980d ago

Sess thinks it's awesome that people still know who he is and that he got a bunch of hits from it.

OlgerO1981d ago

Santa monica studios has a lot of woman in their development team. Its the sissy game journalists that have a problem with it!!

morganfell1981d ago

Agreed. Other than people like Sessler opening their mouth instead of quietly disappearing off the face of the earth the only other issue is Sony Santa Monica giving in when they should have held their ground.

guitarded771981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

It's not even journalists... it's simply Sessler who stirred the pot about this non-issue. The thing that pisses me off is he had the audacity to call anyone who didn't take issue with the trophy a "sadist fratboy", and that he wants to never be associated with people who didn't find the trophy repulsive. Well, F him... If he didn't like the trophy, so be it... it's his choice to find it distasteful. But to not only shun, but to insult people who don't care... or even find it funny... now that's distasteful. People like that are bigots... plane and simple. If you don't think like them, then you are wrong and don't deserve any respect. Well, I said it before, and I'll say it again... F HIM!!!

Ezz20131981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

i don't go online anyway
so i didn't get that patch that change the trophy name
and i'm happy i didn't
it has nothing to do with what Sessler said

Sessler did that "knee-jerk reaction" to the trophy
only to look cool to women ..guess what ?! you still won't get laid

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The story is too old to be commented.