OreImo Anime gets PS3 Game

Namco Bandai announced today at a live-event in Japan that they were publishing a new game bsaed on the popular OreImo anime to release on PS3. Previous titles have ended up on PSP with this being the first console-title. The game is called OreImo: Happy End.

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Snookies121894d ago

Lol, that'll be... Interesting...... Yet another of course, which will never be localized, but still.

Tobiichi1894d ago

Yeah, it's a shame for VN fans. But hey, at least PS3 is region-free.

Snookies121894d ago

Very true! Might consider importing this if it's any good... Very rare to see an anime-based game make it to current gen consoles rather than handhelds. Plus it's a rather entertaining series. :]

Kratoscar20081894d ago

Incest on my PS3?...... NO.

MidnytRain1893d ago

Can't tell if srs. This anime is not about incest! Finished it recently and it's not bad.

Kratoscar20081893d ago

I watched the anime, dude.

If you can't see how badly she wants Kyousuke, how ham-handedly she's parlaying her interests to deflect it, or how she's basically playing Stockholm Syndrome to turn him into a siscon, it's because you're intentionally not seeing it.

Five years ago, I would've never thought of Angel Sanctuary as "normal" or "straightforward." My, how times have changed.

MidnytRain1893d ago

You're crazy. She was hardly interested in her brother. The thought was there, but it was never a central idea. It was much more about dealing with social acceptance and finding happiness.