The Wii U: Game Over Already?

"Many gaming outlets, including MCV have been reporting price cuts hitting the Wii U, specifically the Premium bundle. Retailers are sitting on a number of unsold consoles, and so begins the price slashing to get them off the shelves and into people’s homes." - Blast Process

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zerocrossing2016d ago

This is just irrefutable proof that software sells hardware, IMO (at least in regards to the games industry)

I haven't bought a Wii U yet because there isn't anything I personally feel justifies a purchase, but as soon as either the new Zelda, Metroid, Xenoblade chronicles, etc, is released then I'll buy a Wii U for sure.

Im almost certain many other potential Wii U owners are sitting on the fence thinking the exact same thing.

JonahNL2016d ago

I'm waiting for Monster Hunter to hit the Wii U. That game alone will make it sell in Japan. In the West not so much, I'm afraid, but for now it's my biggest reason to purchase a Wii U.

I'm an avid Nintendo fan, but I'm craving for something else than Mario at this point. Therefore I'm really happy with Yoshi's Yarn, but this gen Nintendo needs to bring back franchises like Star Fox and F-Zero.

Blastoise2016d ago

"That game alone will make it sell in Japan"

If you're on about Tri Ultimate, it came out in December in Japan.

The console Monster Hunter's really don't sell as well as the handheld ones. Monster Hunter Tri on Wii sold just over a million in Japan, which is nothing when you think about how many Wii's were sold.

LOL_WUT2016d ago

Blastoise has a point, that game tends to sell well on handhelds. ;)

I think only the hardcore fans think it's truly worth the purchase because if that weren't the case then it be selling like crazy and sales don't lie. Nintendo need suck it up and make that price drop happen.

PopRocks3592016d ago

No, Blastoise doesn't have a point if the game sold over a million. That's a feat for any Japanese game, let alone one on the system with the least hardcore support.

And of course you would make this about a price drop AGAIN. Your comments are more redundant than that guy who would not stop bitching about region locks.

TheDivine2016d ago

I'm in the same boat zero. Will buy when games i want hit. Waiting for SMT x Fire Emblem, Xenoblade 2, Metroid, or a few other key franchises. I bought vita day 1 and while there's always a good game or two at launch (uncharted and ninja gaiden) the only game I couldn't miss has been Persona 4, a port. Wii-u has some good games like NSMB-U and Zombie U but neither are worth 300 (360 really) bucks.

I won't buy the ps4 or nextbox at launch either. Il do what I usually do and wait two years for a price drop and decent library. Def won't wont bite for more shooters like KZ, Destiny, Halo or whatever else they launch with. Bring some new ip's or jrpg/Srpgs and I'm all in.

fluffydelusions2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Yeah, you could easily just replaced Wii U with 3DS in the title and it would be the same thing at 3DS launch. Games and price cut did wonders for that.

MikeMyers2016d ago

Perhaps Nintendo relied too heavily on the hardcore gamer to carry them through until the Wii U has a decent library.

The long delays between big releases is something Nintendo has been known for. With so many other choices out there it will be harder for Nintendo to keep that history going. Not only that but the Wii U has failed to capitalize on the casual crowd like last time.

greenmeanie2016d ago

I agree with the lack of games present on the console, however I thought this was interesting. Here is a list of NES games available at launch in October of 1985. There weren't any other games released until June 1986, and the NES went on to have a nearly 10 year strong run before they stopped production of the system(20 years in Japan!). The NES got super popular late 87 or 88 here in the U.S. I am not sure how well the launch went as I was very young, but I know I didn't get one until early 88. Some of these games sound awesome from a Nostalgic standpoint, but none of them were really that great except for Super Mario Bros:

10-Yard Fight
Clu Clu Land
Donkey Kong Jr. Math
Duck Hunt (Included with the System)
Gyromite (Could only be played with R.O.B.)
Hogan's Alley
Ice Climber
Kung-Fu Master
Mach Rider
Stack-Up (Could only be played with R.O.B.)
Super Mario Bros. (included with System)
Wild Gunman
Wrecking Crew

3-4-52016d ago

I'm the same.

I can't wait to play Mario U , Mario Kart U, Super Smash Brothers, LoZ and others but nothing makes me want to buy it right now.

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DivineAssault 2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

No & it wont be game over either.. Nintendo will support their consoles through thick & thin.. Its already game over publisher wise imo... Even if it started selling like crazy all of a sudden, devs are working on nx gen projects.. Not wii u games, nor will they stop what theyre doing & start making em..

If it cant even get current gen multiplats, its not getting nx gen ones either.. It will get a few gems here n there.. Nothing more however, it will receive about 5-15 great 1st party exclusives..

How many features & exclusives came to the wii after it launched? how many firmware updates that were awesome? 3rd party exclusives? (that stayed exclusive) & the messed up part about it is that the wii won this generation

T9002016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Hopefully we get Dolphin 2 out by then. No need to buy a Wii U as PC will handle those games better at 1080p.

insomnium22016d ago

Well the gen is still ongoing so I can't understand why would Wii win anything. PS3 will surpass it in a few years and reclaim it's spot as number one sooo....

DivineAssault 2014d ago

i sure think so but so far the wii has a good 20+ million lead.. This gen is coming to an end so the golden days are running thin.. When PS4 drops, nx gen begins meaning the current gen battle is over.. The war is far from complete but nintendo won this battle.. (by luck & casuals only).. PS3 may climb to the top but PS4 will have already hit shelves.. I dont really care because this is the 1st time sony didnt crush the competition.. I think theyre allowed one screw up (tho it really wasnt a screw up).. It was more of a poorly designed system but with the greatest software & service offerings

2016d ago
jay22016d ago

The conscoles poo, it can't even handle current gen games at a = frame rate!there's no decent exclusives (apart from Zombie U). Mines gone untill Bay 2.........UNLESS it goes multi plat like Rayman it's the only thing I want on Wii U we know about right now.

PFFT2016d ago

Well they are lazy Ports, Most games on the Wii U currently are ports. Why doesnt Zombi U suffer from the same problems?? Cause its not a port. So dont blame the system blame the developers. Besides if i do recall correctly didnt a few Ps3 games suffer the same when they were 360 ported??? Nasty looking graphics and bad frame rates.

Donnieboi2015d ago

How can u be sure that ALL of them were lazy ports. Really? All were lazy? Or are u just making excuses for the Wii U's underwhelming hardware...

PFFT2014d ago

Cause they were lazy ports PLAIN and simple!

harrisk9542016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

I love Mario and Pikmin and Donkey Kong and Zelda, as well as the other amazing franchises on Nintendo's platform, but I also want something new. No matter how much people love those franchises, eventually people simply burn out. A new Mario Bros. with better graphics? Great! But, along with that, give me something new. A new franchise to knock my socks off. Yeah, Sony releases sequels, no question about it. God of War (last gen and this gen), Uncharted (this gen), Gran Turismo (last 3 gens), but at the same time, they constantly release new games, new experiences, new IPs that are cutting edge.

Maybe I am just getting older. Maybe I've been playing Mario just too many years. I played the first Donkey Kong in the arcades back in 1982 and was astounded by the graphics and gameplay. Before that all I had ever seen was Pacman and Space Invaders. Here was a game that looked like a cartoon! Mario on my NES? Hours and hours spent on that game. Golden Eye on my N64? Too many hours to count.

But, that was then. This is now. I am looking for new things, new experiences. More adult content. Mixing the new with the nostalgic. Nintendo has lost me and I think that they have lost a lot of those who grew up with them. Not everyone, but enough. How does Nintendo compete with Sony and MS this gen? I just don't know. It won't be through third-party titles. I don't that Nintendo is going anywhere soon, but I also think that unless Nintendo creates new IPs, they will be relegated to being a more niche and younger skewing game company.

Agree or disagree, but just my two cents as someone who has been gaming since the 1970s and has owned virtually ever major console ever made.

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