Eidos Montréal experimented with a third-person perspective for the Thief reboot

In the early stages of its development, the Thief reboot was prototyped as a third-person game. The tactical aspect of gameplay has also been scaled back as it was “slowing the game a little bit too much.”

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ame222011d ago

It was supposed to be a hybrid like Deus EX: HR.

dc12011d ago

However I would greatly like a third person option... oddly enough, for stealthy games like this, it makes me feel more safe.

By the way, Deus Ex was the most fun I had in FP perspective in a very long time.

Irishguy952011d ago

Yeah but for a 'true stealth' game..First person is sorta necessary. TP lets you see around corners.

ame222011d ago

I'm not against the idea, as a matter of fact I remember some of the earlier Thief games had similar hybrid systems, but agreed, DE:HR was one of the highlights of this generation for me.

dc12011d ago


Your right... so right.
Which is why I was cautious to type what I did.

I love immersion as much as the next guy. I just want an option (I know its a cop-out).

Kind of like: seeing the edge vs knowing the edge.

Either way I'm looking forward to seeing what Eidos will deliver.

TechnicianTed2011d ago

Thief 3 had the option of 1st or 3rd person.

dc12011d ago


I wasn't aware of that!
Sadly, I didn't play Thief 3. I loved the first and then went on a console binge for many years.
Only recently coming out through steam 2 1/2 years ago.

TechnicianTed2011d ago


Well I'd recommend getting it, it's well worth playing through. Every gamer needs to experience the Shalebridge Cradle level.

It's quite cheap on Steam at the moment, but if you wait until a sale you should be able to pick up the whole collection for next to nothing.

dc12011d ago


Will do and +bub for the recommendation.
You answered a question that I failed to ask:
"Does Thief 3 hold up?".

I'll be sure to grab it.

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MWH2011d ago

I don't want the to turn into an Assassin's Creed or MGS game. take decisions wisely Eidos. I vote for the classic FPS style.