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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1056d ago | article

PlayStation 3 vs. PlayStation 4: Spec Showdown

Digital Trends - When Sony unveiled the PlayStation 3 console back in 2005 at E3, it was an impressive machine. The much-anticipated device and multimedia hub offered a new experience, allowing users to not only play games, but view photos, browse the Internet, and watch Blu-Ray discs all in glorious 1080p. Here we are seven years later and we’re equally impressed by Sony’s next-generation console — which pretty much blows its predecessor out of the water in a couple key areas. (PS3, PS4)

reynod  +   1057d ago
"Here we are seven years later and we’re equally impressed by Sony’s next-generation console"

How so? Sony literally blew Billions in research for the PS3.

The Cell for its time was def ahead of a low performance, power saving tablet CPU.

RSX was ahead of its time in comparison to the 7850-7870 Mobile GPU on the PS4.

Sony isn't introducing any new media format this time around. Hence its plain old bluray.

No Backward compatibility as the PS3 did feature.

The only thing going for the PS4 is the RAM, which to be honest doesnt really do any sort of calculations what so ever. Funnily enough its also the RAM that people have mostly been talking about (the CPU & GPU have just been ignored, with the PS3 release the CELL was the talk of the town not just some RAM). Almost gives you a feeling its Sony that tells the media what to talk about, Since they invested alot on the Cell thats what they wanted the media to talk about naturally the effect trickled down to the fans. This time around since the CPU and GPU are nothing special they need to talk about something else and since they dont have much else to talk about, they decide to focus on the RAM lol.

I wonder how we are EQUALLY impressed by the PS4 as we were with the PS3.

Of course the PS4 will blow its predecessor its releasing 7 years later, thats the least we would expect of it. However equally impressive not a chance.

Imo in comparison to the PS3, PS4 looks like a cost saving exercise. Whats left to be seen how much of these cost savings are going to be forwarded to the fans and how much is kept for corporate profits.
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decrypt  +   1057d ago

Good attempt but you are going to get disagreed to hell by the herd lol.

Not easy prying off Sony blinders.
DragonKnight  +   1056d ago
The disagrees are because the two of you are incapable of doing anything but circle jerk over PCs as though anyone cares. You both do whatever you can to downplay the PS4 and laud the PC because you're trying to hide the fact that more and more developers are choosing consoles over PC. That doesn't take anything away from PC, that's just a sign of the times. Be happy with what the PC can do for you and stop being fanboy trolls. People like you give the PC gaming community a bad name and I know enough of the community simply have the same attitude that console gamers have and that's "we just want to play games." You're literally just arguing the difference between specs as those specs are the be all and end all of games.
punisher99  +   1055d ago
He is getting disagreed with because he is just plain wrong. I mean there is really no other way to put it.
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Jdub895O  +   1055d ago
okay this is the logic with n4g users. Say something bad about

Sony = disagrees

Talk too highly of Sony = disagrees.

Ask for disagrees = agrees!
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khowat  +   1056d ago
True, the ps4 will be better than the ps3 naturally but the innovation that the ps3 delved into with the CELL was truly amazing along with have the foresight to know that blu-ray would trump HDDVD, now all we have is more RAM, cool...
cayleee  +   1056d ago
The Cell wasnt anything amazing, however yea like Reynod mentioned it sure was ahead of a Tablet CPU used in the PS4.

Its funny how so many people have disagreed with facts.

PS3 indeed was a better package for its time than the PS4.
smashcrashbash  +   1056d ago | Well said
Wow the endless anger and rage gamers have is amazing.What does BC and a new format have to do with the specs or power of the PS4? Sony's Bluray was ahead of it's time and they have to change it just so you can feel impressed. Yeah that makes a whole lot of sense. 'Hey guys lets change Bluray despite it being very functional because we have to impress the idiots who write nonsense on gaming sites.Lets not just advance and perfect it.Lets just toss it out so we can risk using something new'. I mean if you can't say something smart or constructive just be quiet
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khowat  +   1056d ago
Yep were an angry bunch, misread title, go off on a rampage
Silly gameAr  +   1056d ago
It's always the same bunch saying the same crap in these PS4 articles too. It's to the point where I don't know if they're trying to convince everyone else that the PS4 well be underwhelming, or themselves.
kenshiro100  +   1056d ago
Silly gameAr
Obvious trolls are obvious.
punisher99  +   1055d ago
lol You deserve +bubbles for that comment.
wishingW3L  +   1056d ago
Reynold, Cell was more powerful than the highest caliber core i7 of 2010 (i7 980x). When it came out in 2006 there was no intel CPU that could rival it and even today the Cell is still outperforming many high caliber CPU's on top of being more powerful than the PS4's CPU by quite a large margin. So do your research.

What hindered the PS3 was the crappy GPU and small memory.
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zebramocha  +   1056d ago
@wishing in terms of performance but not in overall efficiency,the same could be said about the ps4 in comparison to a similarly spec pc or slightly higher than that.
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Holeran  +   1056d ago
The Cell processor in PS3 is more powerful than the cpu in the upcoming PS4? Where are the numbers to back this up? I am curious is all. It seems ridiculous that Sony would put a CPU in thier new product that is actually inferior to thier current console. What are the numbers in terms of calculations per second between the two processors?
vulcanproject  +   1056d ago
CELL is not really more powerful than an i7. It is actually a fraction the performance in the type of game code developers want to write.

What the CELL is actually very good at is virtually of little or no relevance or use to gaming code. It is inflexible very much the opposite of what x86 has been slowly developed into over the past 35 years. Think about why x86 has been around that long too, when CELL has born and died in less than a decade.

Which is probably why PS3 has been trounced performance wise by gaming computers with dual core x86 processors in PC since the day it arrived.

Put a core 2 duo and an 8800GTX in a PC (both of which were around by the time PS3 launched) and it will of course, beat up PS3 on anything you care to mention.

Sony have switched to x86 for that very is vastly superior in genera purpose code for games.

Secondly CELL is as dead as a dodo, and that wouldn't be the case if it were actually so superior to existing hardware.

Use some common sense! How can it be so brilliant and yet utterly dead as an architecture?

Fact is it isn't so brilliant in 2013. An x86 CPU is much better, and a modern GPGPU much better at everything else.

Which is precisely why Sony ditched CELL and included an x86 CPU and a modern GPGPU.....
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aceitman  +   1056d ago
the ps4 has more than just ram , that was the most feature fans and devs wanted , to open up the system so devs can do what they wanted to on home consoles, and the have the new controller , the ram is the beginning of what devs can do with ps4. and being so easy to develop on . its a system for all the fans , devs and cororate. sony is making a comeback and I have a feeling it will be a strong one. cant wait for the 1st wave of games to come out and show everyone that is hating on sony to see , and its funny how the pc world is hating to.
telekineticmantis  +   1056d ago
Derekvinyard13  +   1056d ago
kenshiro100  +   1056d ago
You're trying way too hard.

Tell me...why is there such a big deal about BC? It's not like your consoles ceased to exist after a new one comes out. I'm sorry but when a new console comes out, I'm moving on. If I want to play old games, I have my other consoles.

And can you please back up your statements with evidence?

Oh...wait, you can't.
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Aghashie  +   1056d ago
I own more than +100 games on the PS3 alone. Many of those games are just too good to be left behind.

Remember Okami on the PS2? Awesome game isn't it? Well, I already own a copy for my old PS2. If I want to play it again I have to pull my PS2 from the closet and rig it on my entertainment centre. Or can just re-purchase the game on the PSN Store and have it downloaded to my PS3. But why? Why should I spend more money on something that I already own? So, my only option is to clean the dust over my PS2. Fair enough... well, not so fair. What will happen to my PS2 games collection when there is no more support for that system? I can always buy a new one on Amazon or EBay but with time that system will become scarce, harder to find, and the harder to find the expensier it will be... just to think abaut it annoys me.

Listen, I own something like 200 Dreamcast games. Several accessories, memory cards, rumble packs, arcade sticks... you got the picture. Right now that collection is sitting on several boxes on my closet. My Dremcast does not work anymore. Amazon and EBay got replacements but they are mostly refurbished and won't last long. It is quite rare to find an original, still sealed one but the price is a little step for such an old system. The point is, that I don't want my vast PlayStation games to follow the Dreamcast example. I want to play my games as long as I want regardless of the system.

For me BC is a big deal. I want to upgrade to a PS4 as quick as the thing hits the market, but still... No BC means i will stick to my PS3 until there is nothing new to play.

Just my opinion. Happy gaming folks.
younghavok  +   1056d ago
Very VERY well said, but of course saying that in here is asking for trouble. You are right on every point tho. PS3 was a way bigger leap over the PS2 than the PS4 is over the PS3. The PS4 seems like more of an expansion than anything. And like you said nobody is talking about the cpu and gpu of this thing, just the ram as if thats what makes games look as good as they do. It helps of course, but its not as important as the brains of the thing.
Mr_Writer85  +   1056d ago
You want to know what does impress me? How developers are talking up and showing love to the PS4.

That excites me more then RAM, or CPU's and whats not.

The console makes developers happy, which makes me happy. I'm excited for what they will be able to do with it.

So yeah Equally impressed, then add the share button, the play as you download, Vita remote play and streaming your game things which I find cool and I'd say I am more impressed.

And BC is coming via the cloud.
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DragonKnight  +   1056d ago
@Reynod: That's funny, I don't see a PC tag for this story. Too bad I already de-bubbled you for trolling or else I could have de-bubbled you for off topic.

The PS4 may not have expensive "ahead of their time" tech inside it, but it improves in other ways over the PS3 and if you can't see that, you're more blind than normal.
DrJones  +   1056d ago
New format? Lol.
Muffins1223  +   1056d ago
Ill just be getting the camera for the streaming part where people can watch my sexy ass face playing a game :3
nevin1  +   1056d ago
You need the camera to stream?
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   1056d ago
Expect a lot of penis...
Omni-Tool  +   1055d ago
I think I'll play my games naked then. For now, I'll stick to wearing my hat.
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   1056d ago
I think about it like this:
-The Ps3 to the Ps4 is like the psOne to the Ps2 which is a evolution but not the Ps2 to Ps3 which was a revolution. We are still in the HD era.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1056d ago
and Ps2 was awesome (possibly the most awesome system ever) so why worry? Bottom line is the first party studio of a company is unrivaled in a man's opinion so a man has no worries for his satisfaction.
Azurite  +   1056d ago
PC gamers (I count myself as such) will benefit greatly from the "next generation" games on consoles.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   1056d ago
Ha... no more training wheels. Anyone rocking a higher model 500 series or a 660ti and up will really see the benefit towards the end of the year. I'm still curious as to how developers will make use of the ram in the ps4... as it stands right now I don't see the need for more than 2gbs for the GPU considering it's mainly used to hold textures. Good news is that AMD has their hand in all the new consoles... if things go well from here they might actually be relevant again in the CPU market. Those 8 core piledrivers might be showing their worth here soon.
Omni-Tool  +   1055d ago
Halo 2 for PC had 2 to 3 times the system requirements as compared to the original Xbox specs.

As far as more ram goes, I played Skyrim on both PC and PS3. The biggest thing I noticed between the 2 was PS3 was on medium graphics and load times were horrible. Now imagine skyrim on max settings with no load times on the PS3. I know, I'm dreaming but it's only because there is not enough memory capacity to load all of the data to be processed at once. Add more memory, then more and larger files can be loaded thus improving texture quality and greatly reducing load times. This also helps with loading more of the game up at once to reduce potential areas for load screens. Like with skyrim, walking into a house. Wait for house to load and then go to a different section of the house just to wait for another loading screen. More ram, graphics ram specifically, helps with these issues greatly.
solidboss07  +   1056d ago
RAM is a big deal, just play GT5- a masterpiece, the best driving game ever on a console, but suffering from a lack of bandwidth.
Yes, SONY spent billions on PS3 to deliver the ultimate game console and muli-media device, but nobody can complain about a change of statedgy this time. I mean, how many of the dissenting voices actually bought a PS3 at launch? I did, but not enough gamers did, indeed there was a lot of hatred. So well done SONY for adapting. I say well done because I like Playstation consoles, simple.
I look forwards to PS4. Its many times more powerfull than PS3 with enough RAM for silky smooth operation. Ticks all of the boxes.
As for BluRay, of course it is still to be used, it has enough capacity. WTF are these fannies expecting, Holographic BluRay2? We might have got a format such as that if, you know, you had bought a PS3! If you didn't spend the cash then you have no say.
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GoldenMonkey34   1056d ago | Spam
TeflonHahn  +   1056d ago
"disagreed to hell by the herd" Really? Cause if I remember correctly, Sony has been being dragged through the mud these last 7+ years. Suddenly there's a herd? LOL PS4 is about to be released and the PS3 is still producing titles that are awe inspiring (Ascension, The Last of Us etc) damn thing hasn't even peaked yet. Have several seats buddy.
Studio-YaMi  +   1056d ago
In every and each PS4 article,the same trolls over and over again spreading their bias.

Seriously are you guys THAT bored with your lives ? :\

Anyways,can't wait till June ! PS4 @ E3
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younghavok  +   1056d ago
Of course its going to be way stronger than the PS3 its been damn near seven years. Its not as impressive as the PS3 was tho. Itll still be a great console no doubt, but as far as what each console brought to the table the PS3 did more with Blu Ray alone.
tweiusdfuii   1056d ago | Spam
fredrikpedersen  +   1056d ago
Hmm. LittleBigPlanet PS4.
DrJones  +   1056d ago
Oh halleluja yes !
hookmaya   1056d ago | Spam
Kidmyst  +   1055d ago
Same stuff different Year. The PS3 VS 360 battles all over again, but now equally with PC gamers as well in the mix. I build my own PC's and play PC games but I also have a PS3 and 360 and while next Gen i'll build a new PC when needed, I currently plan to buy a PS4 for the same reasons as buying any console. When I upgrade my PC's sometimes I am just upgrading the CPU, GPU Mobo and Ram and re-using my SSD drives, PSU and media drives and case. So if Sony does the same basically with the PS4 great! How is that a bad thing? I play on PC, Ps3 and 360 and if developers can optimize games for the PS4 and 720 to look even better than we get now, how is this bad? Atleast when I put a game into a console it works and plays, unlike some PC games (Sim City, Battlefield for ex.) where the configs of PC's are various and some can play and others take to forums in anger. Choose your platform(s) and be happy, all the bashing does is show your jealous or worrried it'll be better than what you have.

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