‘Just Cause’ Co-Founder talks new opportunities with the next-gen, and embracing fear

Digital Trends - There’s a funny phenomenon among those who have played Just Cause 2: the game lingers. There’s always a pull in the world of big-budget games to move onto the next shiny thing, but Avalanche Studios’ highly destructible sandbox remains a fixture on many a gamer’s shelf and a fun diversion even now, just shy of three years after its release. An appreciation for open world, sandbox experiences is at the heart of the Avalanche ethos, as studio co-founder Christofer Sundberg told Digital Trends in a recent chat.

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JonahNL2015d ago

I can't wait for Just Cause 3. I absolutely adored the second one. It was one those few open world games that actually rewarded you for messing around. That's an important element in such games. Some people just want to drive around, enjoy the scenery and occasionally crash an airplane into a general.

sorceror1712011d ago

Combine Just Cause 2 with Infamous 2's user-generated missions, and I'd never sleep.