NZ Gamer - The Last of Us Preview

NZ Gamer - The Last of Us made a big splash when it was revealed in late 2011. How could it not? Developed by none other than Naughty Dog (the ultra-talented team behind the Uncharted series, among other smash-hit titles), the game was unveiled with considerable fanfare, resulting in the instantaneous creation of a legion of franchise fans.

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Good_Guy_Jamal1952d ago

It looks great and all, but the gameplay is what has me intrigued. This is the first I hear of Joel's ability to "see" through walls. Almost makes him seem like a Clicker himself sans the clicking.
Very excited for this game, it has rekindled my dying love for gaming and I pray it delivers.

Walker1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

"and the build we were playing was described by Sony's PR team as being "pre-alpha"

pre-alpha ?!!!!! wow, can't wait to see final build ! this game will be most graphically impressive for this generation consoles !