No Dead Island Riptide for Wii U; Nintendo Trying to be Too Innovative

Virtual Katz Writes: News broke that fans of Nintendo will miss out on yet another high profile game on the Wii U console. Dead Island: Riptide, the much anticipated sequel to the 2011 Game of the Year, Dead Island, will only set to be launched on the original consoles that it was released on previously. While the news isn’t particularly surprising, due to the fact that the Wii U has missed out on other high profile games, the sheer number of titles deciding to skip a Wii U launch is rather alarming to a system that is powerful enough to hold up against the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. So the question that must be asked is simply why? Why are so many games skipping a console that is brand new, considered to be next-generation, and made by one of the most reputable game companies out there? Anyone can point to falling sales numbers, or a console that doesn’t likely hold up well when Microsoft and Sony release their newest offerings, but developer Deep Silver pointed its finger to porting; when reading deeper into the possible issues the most likely culprit is the hardware itself.

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DivineAssault 1954d ago

another one NOT coming to wii u.. smh

Timesplitter141954d ago

"the much anticipated sequel to the 2011 Game of the Year"

I highly doubt the GOTY status was a very popular opinion, so is the "much anticipated" part.

Dead Island is kind of a filler game

QuebecSuperstar1953d ago

Talk for yourself, buddy! Dead Island is one of my favourite games and I'm totally looking forward to Riptide.

Trago13371954d ago

Nintendo really need to make an effort to get third parties on board.

Let's see how the year turns out for them.

MasterCornholio1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

And yet another title that Nintendo fans don't care about.


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BenRage31953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I really don't think that Nintendo needs 3rd party support to succeed. Success being defined as the company being fiscally viable for the immediate future. However, I do believe that Nintendo would have to have 3rd party support to be number one again when competing against the Nextbox and PS4.

What is holding back Nintendo's success right now in my opinion is this. 1) Obviously better games and more of them. Without that, Wii U will fail. 2) It needs to fix the loading times to the operating system. 3) The controller needs a longer battery life. That may not be a deal breaker to some, but it is a concern for me. 4) It needs a larger hard drive. The new Lego game is 22gb and unless you own the 32gb model you cannot download it without an external hard drive. 5) It will need a price cut. The dismal sales right now are indicative of consumers not seeing the value of Wii U at it's current price. I'm not saying it all has to be done at once, but these are the issues the system is dealing with. None of these issues seem too daunting to fix or unreasonable. Nintendo get some of it done before your competitors release their new systems.

brewin1953d ago

I'm convinced they released at the right time because every system goes thru its growing pains. By the time the other systems have a decent library the Wii u will be cheaper and better through updates and the like. The game library should be great by the time the others are just releasing. If the system is struggling this bad after next holiday season then Nintendo may have to worry. Anyone convinced the Wii u is dead right now is obviously shortsighted and a short step away from trolling.

BenRage31953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I'm not sure I understand your point. I agree with everything you just said. I'm simply pointing out some of the issues holding the system back. If the Wii U gets better games, I think it will sell better, but that is not the only issue the system has. If Nintendo cannot offer a console experience that is up to date with basic conventions (points 2-5), it will ultimately fail imo. I've owned every Nintendo system to date, and I've for the most part been satisfied with my purchases, but I will not purchase a Wii U until most of these issues are addressed. I don't think Wii U is dead right now. My post was to point out what's holding the system back, and to offer plausible solutions. I am confident Nintendo will fix these things, but until they do, I think it's completely rational to point these problems out.

n4f1953d ago

come on seriously?
"2) It needs to fix the loading times to the operating system.
3) The controller needs a longer battery life. That may not be a deal breaker to some, but it is a concern for me.
4) It needs a larger hard drive. The new Lego game is 22gb and unless you own the 32gb model you cannot download it without an external hard drive."
even if they fix it, those wont make a system sell you know

BenRage31953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I agree that any one of those alone won't make the systems sell, but if all of those issues are addressed than I think it will sell. Obviously having a good selection of quality games is the most important, but those other issues are holding the system back too.

n4f1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

you have to see it in a business point.
lets say nintendo adress these problem during the coming month, do you really think that having a faster os loading time will move wiiu for the month of april?
are you really going to see headling like" breaking news will sales increase 200% because nintendo increase the battery life of wii pad"?
beside the only problem is the loading os.
-the battery is removable and you can get a nykon or something that is double the battery life.
-the hard disk drive shoulnt even be a problem because you can hook up , up to 2tb hd
i think that what is holding wiiu back is commercial im starting tto see commercial for lego city undercover and im willing to bet that sell will increase because of the commercial of that game

BenRage31951d ago

I'm sorry but I am looking at it from a business perspective. If a casual consumer walks into the local gamestop looking to purchase a system and asks an employee questions and finds out that Wii U has a tiny hard drive, weak battery life, slow OS, few exclusive games (at least for now)and all for 350 USD, he/she might not buy one. He/she may decided to wait, buy a PS3, 360 <- both of which have none of these issues, or they may preorder a ps4. Look, I plan on buying a Wii U. I am a Nintendo fan, but I'm also a savy consumer who wants to get the most bang for his buck. That's why I purchased a PS3 late in the generation, a decision I do not regret. So, to answer your question, yes and no. Yes I think if the system had these features right out of the gate, the system would be selling better. But if points 2-4 were suddenly fixed, no I don't think the system would instantly sell like hot cakes. And Yes, Wii U needs much better commercials. I think we actually agree more than we disagree. :)

n4f1951d ago

so your telling me that a casual gamer that game rarely, will ask for: hard disk drive capacity, the os, the battery life?
you go into forum and everybody says nintendo need to advertise more and have more 3rd party software not adress battery issue.
im pretty sure wii didnt sell like hot cake because the battery of the wiimote where superbe(there was none!)or that wii hard drive was the best of the market(there was none!)

Mr.Mister1951d ago

c'mon son that not seeing from a business point of view
that is seeing from a ben_rage_3 point of view.
dont tell me million of gamers didnt buy the wiiu because the battery and the os suck.or that you can buy a hdd of more than 1tb at a decent price for download.
if your doing business i dont want to be in it!

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