Game On!: MLB 2K13 vs. The Show

The Final Points JD Luca does a head to head review of the MLB games this year 2K13 and the show: Today we take a look at MLB 2K13 and MLB 13: The Show. Obviously there was a lot more effort put into the latter, but there are still good things in 2K that Sony has yet to address. I broke it down by graphics, gameplay, presentation, career, franchise, and the overall final verdict.

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StrongMan1951d ago

Haha, is this a joke? MLB 2K can't compete with MLB: The Show.

showtimefolks1949d ago

It's not even competition, competition is when both sides compete but 2K just released the 2012 version with no morovemmts as this years game since they know 3rd party wise they are the only ones offering a MLB game to Xbox fans

Since they no longer have the exclusive contract with MLB, I think we will see EA make a huge return Into MLB with MVP baseball

2k basketball is great
2k NHL game sucked
2k MLB games use to be aight but now suck

Derekvinyard131949d ago

So true, basketball is all they have going for them

3-4-51949d ago

In terms of stats, and how the games feels and flows like a baseball franchise yes it can compete.

2k is better at Non-playing realism and the hitting mechanics are far superior.

Everything else is probably in The Show's favor though.

artycone1951d ago

exactly the point they have two things I would want firing managers mid season and the commentary

Kingthrash3601949d ago

Easy win.....exact opposite of nba2k vs live.


The show is the king of baseball sims. as much as part of me wants to be an "average gamer" who just enjoys the mainstream releases, ive just never been a fan of sports games. that said however, The show series has really managed to show me that there is a lot of fun to be had with sports simulators. quality stuff.

nosferatuzodd1949d ago

The show all day and all night enough said

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