Do you think Trolls Ruin Your Gaming Experience

Trolls, you can find them in almost every online multiplayer game out there these days. They can be funny but, at times they can be rather annoying. Gamers who prefer to concentrate on the objective are usually interrupted by trollish behavior which is typically fed by rage. This trolling usually fails but can easily interrupt a gaming session which disrupts the community and the legitimate players within it.

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Neixus1405d ago

aslong as it's the enemies that are trolling, i don't mind.

MikeMyers1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Call of Duty has forced gamers to mute millions of people and to create good friends lists. I think they do have some impact.

There needs to be more accountability going forward.

TruthbeTold1405d ago

They don't in games, but often times they do ruin the experience on the Wii U section of N4G.

deno1405d ago

Every other weekend they do. Hey, how about that 80's movie trolls?

zerocrossing1405d ago

I stopped gaming online for the most part so yes and no depending how you look at it

Lifebanisher1405d ago

i wonder if all these trolling will stop once you have your REAL name on your profile and then your Alias Below your real name just like on the ps4. they should have a policy that if your real name is fake you could get console banned for that so that people will troll less online.

Baka-akaB1405d ago

I dont believe it works . Tons of jackasses use their id on facebook , they still post the most inane things

contradictory1405d ago

i don't really play Multiplayer games that much anymore
but when i used to there wasn't that many trolls back then

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The story is too old to be commented.