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Do you think Trolls Ruin Your Gaming Experience

Trolls, you can find them in almost every online multiplayer game out there these days. They can be funny but, at times they can be rather annoying. Gamers who prefer to concentrate on the objective are usually interrupted by trollish behavior which is typically fed by rage. This trolling usually fails but can easily interrupt a gaming session which disrupts the community and the legitimate players within it. (PC, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox)

Neixus  +   650d ago
aslong as it's the enemies that are trolling, i don't mind.
MikeMyers  +   650d ago
Call of Duty has forced gamers to mute millions of people and to create good friends lists. I think they do have some impact.

There needs to be more accountability going forward.
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TruthbeTold  +   649d ago
They don't in games, but often times they do ruin the experience on the Wii U section of N4G.
deno  +   650d ago
Every other weekend they do. Hey, how about that 80's movie trolls?
zerocrossing  +   650d ago
I stopped gaming online for the most part so yes and no depending how you look at it
Lifebanisher  +   650d ago
i wonder if all these trolling will stop once you have your REAL name on your profile and then your Alias Below your real name just like on the ps4. they should have a policy that if your real name is fake you could get console banned for that so that people will troll less online.
Baka-akaB  +   650d ago
I dont believe it works . Tons of jackasses use their id on facebook , they still post the most inane things
contradictory  +   650d ago
i don't really play Multiplayer games that much anymore
but when i used to there wasn't that many trolls back then
GamerElite  +   650d ago
Trollers gonna troll
Liamabob  +   650d ago
People calling for console-bans for trolling are the reason why people do it. They're in it for the reaction and until trolling is outlawed in the terms of service in all online games, then people will still do it. Getting reactions from people spurs the trolls on and I, myself find overreactions over video games highly amusing. Yeah, it can be annoying when you're on a good run and a teammate comes up and pops your face, or having a good lap on F1 and you're punted off the track and on to a fence, but what are the consequences once that game is over? A slight statistical difference on a web page with no real value. So what?
Liamabob  +   649d ago
- Although I question the authenticity of this video (Voices change drastically for the same player, mic icons aren't active, etc), reactions such as this are hilarious.

Related video
kB0  +   650d ago
Ironic to see a article about Trolls on n4G, the site is full of them unfortunately.

Very few people that make very insightful and well thought out comments.

Those people deserve all the bubbles:)

Trolling is as much abuse as anything else, digital or real life. They should both be taken seriously, just one less than the other :P

There will eventually be a Fine system for this:)
aliengmr  +   650d ago
I somewhat disagree, master troll posts can be quite entertaining. Its rare but it does keep you on your toes.
kB0  +   650d ago
Master troll is a myth. Any good post goes under witty or funny.

Trolling is the act of annoying, if done in good taste then it's no longer trolling it becomes entertaining...which is opposed trolling which is meant to cause chaos.

I whole heartily disagree:)
nick309  +   650d ago
We make it fun. Without us its pretty generic normal gameplay.
nick309  +   650d ago
Thanks for disagreeing like a troll or anyone will care :D
Realplaya  +   650d ago
I been studying trolls for a while I never realized how it was until I came onto this site. I don't mind them like other people do because I'm a grown ass man myself. The best way to deal with them is not to. Somebody trolls online don't respond. They do it in a game delete them. It's like in school the class clown is acting up to garner attention. Listen to him and you can't learn.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   649d ago
They do for the a server I may be in. Most of the the time I have a laugh which usually works on the mic because it usually ends with:

A. They give up because they see that I am not getting upset.
B. Laugh themselves then ask why I am cool with being team-killed/failed the objective which usually ends with a funny conversation.

I have two or three friends on my list who were trolls.
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