The Phantom Pain ARG Video: More Evidence of MGS Ground Zeroes Connection

"If you had doubted that The Phantom Pain, teased by Moby Dick Studios and relating to Metal Gear Solid via an odd campaign of marketing and the original owner (who looked like Kojima with a wig and mustache) dying and suddenly resurfacing with his face wrapped in bandages...then doubt no more!"

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SandWitch1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

So TPP is only Metal Gear Solid V[irtual Reality]?

Nimblest-Assassin1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Wait... what if phantom pain is when big boss is put into GW and the events of phantom pain are the things he is seeing in his coma

Explains the sher what the hell is going on in that trailer


MGS series also uses the dream/nightmare sequence a lot... It could be the Dream Sequence much expanded/worked, maybe a whole spin off based on that sequence, the VR Training, the comatose state you said... There's a ton of way the whole Phantom Pain may be incorpored in Metal Gear Ground Zeroes.

This much hype,rumors and trying to read in between the lines... It's official! The wait is killing me now!

Mounce1802d ago

My body isn't ready, this is honestly the most anxious I've ever been for an MGS game :(

The last time was for MGS3 as I kept rewatching all the trailers for it and seeing Vulgan beat the crap out of Big Boss I was like HOLY SHIT!

Peacewalker I had to wait like a year before I could play because I never had a PSP.....and in this situation, if The Phantom Pain is somehow on Vita? Then I've already prepared for that situation.... I just want to play both damn now, the wait IS killing me. Lol

OlgerO1802d ago

Oh man,count me excited for this game!

ninjahunter1802d ago

Im gonna laugh if it actually has nothing to do with MGS XD

Irishguy951802d ago

I'm gonna laugh if it's nothing but a Viral Campaign for Ground Zeroes

ShoryukenII1802d ago

That would not be cool. It was announced as a separate game. It better be one.

mistertwoturbo1802d ago

I'm gonna laugh if it's nothing but what was already thought to be Metal Gear Solid V

ANIALATOR1361802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

people are getting confused. Those pics of kojima with the hulk hogan hair were fake and set up by a hoaxer who made the facebook and twitter accounts and if this video comes from the same place then it is also fake

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