Get a 16 GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card for Only $29.99!

"Ever since the PlayStation Vita released roughly a year ago, we've seen people complain about the high prices of memory cards."

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admiralvic1953d ago

Glad to see the price is FINALLY dropping on memory cards.

BuffMordecai1952d ago

I don't know why anyone would disagree, unless they just like to purchase things at exorbitant prices.

admiralvic1952d ago

Maybe they meant to agree, but accidentally clicked Disagree?

ApolloTheBoss1952d ago

@admiralvic That happened to me many times , so I can confirm that.

R_aVe_N1952d ago

That is what I paid for my 2 - 16 gig cards at launch its a good price very rare to see this other than on Ebay

fermcr1952d ago

Still too expensive. At the present time $29.99 should be the price for 32gb.

Irishguy951952d ago

Yeah but it's something at least

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Just picked one up. I've been holding out until the 32 gb hits about 50 bucks. This was a pretty good deal for me as I used a bunch of reward zone points I have got from Facebook polls. 11 bucks is a good deal for this :)
Thanks for he heads up Admiralvic

admiralvic1952d ago

If you weren't aware, you SHOULD (if you did most of the Facebook polls) get another $10 dollar voucher back from another facebook promotion. Till the 29th (I think) you can get a $10 dollar voucher back for spending $10 dollars. Bunch of limits, but this should be included, which makes it an even better deal.

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The story is too old to be commented.