Crytek believes that next-gen consoles will not - for the first time ever - be beyond the PC

DSOGaming writes: "Naturally, a lot of people won't believe Yerli, however Nvidia has also stated the very same thing about PS4. And even though some people claim that Nvidia is butt-hurt about this whole thing (as AMD was chosen by both Sony and Microsoft for their upcoming consoles), it really stroke us that Yerli stated what most of us already knew and didn't talk about."

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decrypt1948d ago

"Crytek believes that next-gen consoles will not - for the first time ever - be beyond the PC"

Thats because MS and Sony know..

Console gamers.. Dont care about graphics.

So they decided to fit both the boxes with cheap of the shelf parts.

Crazyglues1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

OMG!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? - This is the problem with

-Everything Crytek said was just taken out of context to make a stupid article- ( so another silly site could get hits)

He didn't say nothing this site is implying - he just said, "Upgrading to next gen won't be as "back-breaking" as last time round."

Source -

They just took one quote and quoted it out of context and ran with it... Come On Really!.

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jimbobwahey1947d ago

What do you expect? It's and they always publish junk articles like this. Their whole website is sloppy trash written by fools.

there's a reason their website rating on N4G is only one and a half stars. If everybody else votes them down as well, then we can get this junk banned from N4G.

Story quality? WTF
Like this website? No

Knight_Crawler1947d ago

Did captain Kirk write this article?

DragonKnight1947d ago

Scotty.. the... consoles... They need more.............. power.

awi59511946d ago

"Im giving all she's got captin she'll fly apart if i do" lol.

yess1947d ago

The consols will be fine, both the PS4 and Xbox what ever name they will give it.

The PS4 is powerfull enough to spit out some amazing graphics, physics and awesome gameplay in some awesome huge gameworlds.

I just see a bunch of pc trolls talking about all their jesuspower pc's,while playing Minecraft, WOW,and all the other games that could easily run on a PS4.

In the end it's just about having a good time, with what ever you play on, and i don't think anyone will be disapointed

falcon791947d ago

Always leaving out WiiU on this site when its already proved it can match high end pc on NFS and TRINE ?

WiiU gpu is better than both 720 and ps4 lets see if E3 proves me right ?? before u all start crying,if zelda tech demo was using a mere 10% of wiiu power then get ready for Nintendo's 1st and 2nd party games at E3 not to mention 3rd party exclusives like Beyonetta2,yet this site tries to imply WiiU is some seperate console ????

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solid_warlord1947d ago

If a game like CoD dominates and break sales record every year for the last 6 years, it proves one thing....Console gamers dont care much about graphics. Ive just finished crysis 3 and my final conclusion is that its "meh" too generic and nothing i havent seen before. All in all, its an average game with above average graphics. PC version running on ultra might look much better & run it at higher resolution and at higher frames but with all the power PC has, crysis 3 is the same game as in the console version. Not worth spending 5x console price on a high end graphics card to play the same game. Only geeks will buy or upgrade to high end graphics card to play a not so inspiring game like crysis 3.

papashango1947d ago

CoD also proves that console gamers don't care about quality gaming.

DeadlyFire1946d ago

I thought that was the point of GPGPU utilization to bring them up to and beyond equal.

Very few developers have ever used OpenCL or GPGPU tech to design any type of game. Its a new generation with a new way to build games. A PC developer might not even notice this right away.

This in itself makes WiiU, PS4, and X720 a bit more powerful than what the specs show us on paper. Just wait until developers learn what they can do with GPGPU tech on a console. It will transition to PC at some point as well as the cards already support the necessary API and features for it to work.

zeldafreak4041946d ago

wow finally someone who gets it!

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Walker1948d ago

Crytek talks too much .

DragonKnight1947d ago

I was going to the same thing. Their mouth has been in the news more than their games.

Eyeco1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

It's not even like their games are that great to begin with, the way they went on you would think they were on the level of Valve, Id, or Blizzard

But their games are just so meh and yes I've played the PC version of Crysis. Their games to me are nothing more than just over glorified tech demo's. Bottom line they are an overrated and overhyped gaming developer

1947d ago
Intentions1948d ago

PC will destroy any console, that's a fact.

You can upgrade a PC, can you upgrade a console? Can you put more ram in a console when it has launched?

I prefer console gaming better tho, that's just my opinion.

MysticStrummer1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

People who build or upgrade their PCs so they can get the best possible gaming performance out of them will always have a platform that's technically ahead of brand new consoles, but those people are a minority. A bigger group of people will upgrade some things about their PC, usually memory, but won't upgrade everything so they won't have a rig that's optimized for gaming.

Another factor is the game code which is written to run on PCs with many different configurations, not optimized to run on a set piece of hardware. Even code that allows people with better PCs to turn up the visuals isn't going to let them get the performance they could get if the code was written specifically for their particular configuration of PC. To put it another way, I can buy a rocket car to drive to work and brag all I want to about how fast it is, but that doesn't mean I'll ever be able to drive it as fast as it will go.

Most PC gaming is done on stock PCs that are several years old, which is a fact that PC gamers love to ignore, and it's the reason people in the industry can say things like "PS4 will be ahead of PCs for (insert time frame here)" and still be telling the truth. When PS4 and 720 come out they will be more powerful than the average PC. That's a fact.

Crytek is wrong because top of the line gaming PCs have always been ahead of next gen consoles. It's not happening for the first time ever, but it doesn't matter because it's a relatively small group of people that has them.

TechnicianTed1947d ago

'Most PC gaming is done on stock PCs that are several years old, which is a fact that PC gamers love to ignore'

I don't ignore it, I just don't care. I have a gaming pc and know what it's capable of, and enjoy playing on it. Why should I care what pc another person has?

It's also funny to see all this talk about how pc games aren't optimised, and yet a load of console games struggle to keep a decent framerate while I'm playing those same games - supposedly unoptimised versions of those games - at a steady 60fps framerate and with all the bells and whistles on top.

I bought the 360 a year or so after it came out, and at the time my pc was in need of an upgrade because it was struggling at the time to play the latest games. I thought seeing as this was a console that the games would be buttery smooth and play better than my struggling pc. That wasn't the case, it performed worse than my pc.

Now why was that the case when console games are all supposed to be optimised?

kaozgamer1946d ago

>goes into trouble to make statements on how pc destroys consoles
>still prefers console gaming

Mariusmssj1947d ago

How can it? Console is a static device, once they began designed the PS4 or Xbox360 they had the latest and greatest specs but once final spec has been written tech has already moved forward.

I can happily go into any store and buy myself an AMD Bulldozer FX-8 Eight Core CPU.

But it's not about specs, it's how developers use the console!

cayleee1947d ago

"once they began designed the PS4 or Xbox360 they had the latest and greatest specs but once final spec has been written tech has already moved forward."

Lol no they didnt have the latest and greatest.

They are using Tablet CPUs - yea they might be latest but certainly arent the greatest.

GPU is nothing exceptional too, its just a mobile part.

But yea you got the rest of it right.

mrmancs1947d ago

i Better not say anything anti pc , dont wanna be labelled a troll(again) off n4g admin for defending the ps4(and they say this site is playstation biased?)... Though i will say one thing , show me a pc equal in price to a ps4 that will run equal graphics to ps4 or have the same large collection of quality titles as the ps4 , oops , not even a high end pc can do that. Oh well there is always Crysis 4.

TemplarDante1947d ago

Mrmancs, all I said in another article was
"Playstation 4 lead platform confirmed"
They temp banned me for 3 days and removed my bubble :(

T9001947d ago

"Though i will say one thing , show me a pc equal in price to a ps4 that will run equal graphics to ps4 or have the same large collection of quality titles as the ps4"

First Ps 4 will launch with no BC meaning it will hardly have any games at launch its library will have to grow gradually. Even then PC already has thousands of games under its umbrella. Hence its safe to say PS4 or any console for that matter will never catch the PC in games library.

Second 90% games are multiplat hence already make it to the PC you are at best referring to hand full of Sony exclusives, Pc has its own exclusives.

Lastly 600usd pcs as of today already have superior hardware than the PS4. Ps4 hasnt even launched yet by the tine it does 500usd pcs will be out performing it.

Muerte24941947d ago

Or did they say they'd be offering it via Gaikai? If you think Sony showed their full hand at Playstation Meeeting then you're mistaken. E3 will be more focused on the online/social aspect of the ps4 ranging from the share button all the way to Gaikai. Hardware isn't the problem with PC, it's the OS bottle-necking and lack of optimization. People hardly go build PC's for a single game unlike people who will buy a console for an exclusive.

T9001947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Have you ever seen OS resourse utilization before making such claims. This is console maker propaganda at best. Yes console optimization is better but its not a world of a difference that console makers make it out to be.

Most of the time optimisation on console equals to using low res textures, blurry AA, low res, low af etc.

If console optimisation was so good current consoles would have no problem beating 6 year old Pc hardware like 8800gtx.

Dont chant gaikai or online services when u havent seen it working. Not everyone wants to pay for games they already own or has a reliable internet connection.

Hell even if u add gaikai, u still dont know when sony might add the games u like to play and even then catching PC games library is impossible.

Muerte24941947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Debunking your argument in the order you presented it in.
1st: You're claim that console optimization doesn't show a world of difference. Once again you're comparing a locked in console to "best case" PC hardware. Titan will only shine on a 2500x1600 monitor or 4k television which your average pc gamer doesn't own. PC will just have better frame rates at higher resolutions. But,as you say, it won't be a world of difference.
2nd: PS3 is only 6 years old and the RSX was based off of the 7800. Yet how many PC titles did we see with the same quality as God of War 3 in 2010 when it won best graphics beating even PC games.
3rd: I'm not chanting Gaikai but it's common knowledge that Sony is planning on using the service to address BC issues. If you're that frugal then just keep your console. Go and get it Reballed for like $80 to prolong it's life span.

P.S. Talk to me when someone besides Valve starts noticing the potential of bringing games to linux. PC is a great platform but there are way too many variables unlike consoles.

papashango1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Actually Muerte he used the 8800gtx as a comparison. Not the titan.

Not sure how old you are or how long you've been gaming but the 8800gtx was released around the same time as ps3 and 360. It demolished both at what it does.

Second. No offense but God Of War 3 is probably the ps3's single most linear game. I mean you can't even control the camera angles. You are using whats basically a 3d game on rails to make a point. Poor choice as you're only showing how weak the system is. God Of War 3 is basically a interactive movie. you don't have much control over it.

You also mention this came out in 2010. There was a game that came out on pc in 2007 that destroys any ps3 game as far as visuals, physics, and was open world. the 8800gtx was the graphics card used to showcase Crysis. When Crysis 1 launched on console you saw for yourself that they had to drastically scale it down for it to run when the 8800gtx was running it on max visuals.

Even now I see comments section filled with fanboys exclaiming that Crysis 1 finally got "Killzowned" after the shadow fall premiere. 6 years later.

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Imalwaysright1947d ago

Large collection... what large collection?

MysticStrummer1947d ago

Yeah PC gamers are like The Illuminati on N4G. Behind the scenes. I lost two bubbles pointing out PC gamers who troll console oriented articles.

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