Amazon UK puts Xbox 360 prices back up after morning drop


"Oh dear. Amazon UK has now changed all it's Xbox 360 hardware prices back to their original levels, following cutting them this morning.

The Arcade pack is now listed as £189.98, the Premium as £249.99 and the Elite as £279.99. This morning, the retailer had dropped its prices to £149.99 for the Arcade, £189.99 for the Premium and the £249.99 for the Elite.

We suspect someone somewhere may have a few bruised knuckles."

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Counter_ACT3936d ago

Lesson: One site changing the price is not an official cut.

masterg3936d ago

Of course it's an official price-cut.
They just did it before they had permission.

masterg3936d ago

Will the two people who gave me a disagree please step forward and give me an apology (MS has now confirmed the price drop was official).

Just say you where wrong.. Thats all I ask ;o)

clevernickname3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

I love when a comment has disagrees but no replies. It's one of the quirks of the bizarre moderation system on this board. Get some balls people and back up your opinions.

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DarkSniper3936d ago

Microslaves had the opportunity to advertise their XBOX 360 console to the uninformed for a lower price. With the state of decline Xbox 360 is in, it's comes to no surprise that Microsoft's gaming division needs every cent as they rise the prices back to the original. Xbox 360 ensures the general consumer these three things. Deceit, despair, and lies.


rushbd3936d ago

MS must have made them do it.

mighty_douche3936d ago

I very much doubt that, in fact i dont think MS can tell anyone to sell their produce at "x" price. Amazon bought them from MS, what amazon sell them to us for is up to amazon.

mighty_douche3936d ago

Will they still honour the people who purchased it at the lower price's?

(side note) is amazon really gaming news?

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