Why the critics are wrong to slam Rockstar's Bully

With titles such as Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt 2 under its belt, developer and publishe, Rockstar Games has become synonymous with the word 'controversy' in recent years. So when the firm revealed that it was to re-release Bully for the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 this year, it wouldn't have taken a genius to predict that the game would be the catalyst for another wave of moralistic uproar.

So, in the light of certain stores refusing to stock it and this writer having to produce two forms of identification in order to purchase Bully, does it really deserve the negative attention and condemnation it has been getting? Nintendic thinks not.

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cain1413606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

It deserves to be slammed for the constant freezing on the Xbox 360 version...

I'm playing it now, and it really is annoying...

3606d ago
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