Boss Dungeon's Favourite Games on Nintendo DS is celebrating the DS being 8 years old in Europe by listing several of the staff's favourite titles on the handheld console.

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rrquinta1829d ago

Solid list. I never imported Last Window so I missed that one, though I loved Hotel Dusk. I also loved Ghost Trick. I think I'd add the Dragon Quest games to the list, as well as Henry Hatsworth (even though it's soooo difficult) and Clash of Heroes (even though that got ported to consoles/PC).

Tobiichi1829d ago

Dragon Quest would have made the list had I not limited myself to 4, there were plenty of big-name stuff I decided against.

rrquinta1829d ago

Yeah, I could see how it'd be really hard to settle on just four. Soooo many great games for DS.