Eternal Darkness Trademark Renewed Again

Nintendo has renewed the trademark for the cult classic, Eternal Darkness. This could be an indication that Nintendo is prepping a sequel for the Wii U or the 3DS. It was rumored a while back that Silicon Knights, had a working build of the sequel, but was canned. Perhaps Nintendo has reunited with the fallen developer one last time.

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jc485731947d ago

I'm still pissed at nintendo for not releasing Fatal Frame games in the States.

krautgamer1947d ago

just download them. both games have english language patches.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1947d ago

Iwata hears my whining.

I hope that they do something epic... uhm er... do something Crytek with the Eternal Darkness franchise.

I want Silicon Knights and Dennis Dyack Resurrected and back under the loving arms of Nintendo.
- But 1st,
I hope they can pay-off the Epic's "unreal" Lawsuit settlement with Eternal Darkness 2 and maybe some ED1 (HD)?

jimbobwahey1947d ago

ED1 HD is probably what this trademark renewal is for. Nintendo likely saw that Wii U owners are happy with just getting redone GC games after the Wind Waker announcement, and plan to carry on with this business model.

CBaoth1947d ago

GOW collection 2.5mil
Ico/SotC 1mil
Ratchet/Sly/Jak collections - 500k apiece
MGS collection 1.2mil
Halo CE 2.5mil

Since consoles aren't forward compatible like PCs I hope to see more quality collections/remakes next gen.

stragomccloud1947d ago

At least Nintendo adds something to their HD collections. Not that they even need to. I've liked the PS3 collections just the way they are.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1947d ago

I think if all of us went to the Nintendo FB or Official and end all of our comments with "Eternal Darkness 2" or "E.D. HD!" Nintendo would do something with the renewal.

PFFT1947d ago

Ahh yeah!!!! 3:33 baby!

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The story is too old to be commented.