Battlefield 4 Could Accelerate Call of Duty’s Demise

"There has been a battle raging over the last few years between the first person shooter games with two names sticking out as the leaders of the pack; Call of Duty and Battlefield. " |

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JonahNL1954d ago

With all due respect, but Battlefield is now taking the route that Call of Duty has been taking for the past decade or so.

It's way too soon for a sequel to Battlefield 3, yet at our doorstep we can find Battlefield 4. It's even in the same era. What is it going to offer?

I would've rather had Bad Company 3.

fluffydelusions1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Yeah, BC2 was my fav FPS this gen. Played BF3 for a while but I never found it as fun as BC2 and just quit. I'm also playing PC version of both btw. From what I hear these days you pretty much need premium to be viable in BF3 now. Sadly, I know we will never get another BC type game...maybe it will be in the title but it will play just like BF3 similar to how MoH did :(

N0S3LFESTEEM1953d ago

They have to finish off the story from BC2... They can drop the seriousness and they need too, it's a game after all.

I don't own premium and I don't have any problems finding servers but I'm not quite sure what you mean by viable. Only 2 of the Map packs were actually worth anything to me and those were the ones that added guns... I wish there were more large scale urban maps that weren't middle eastern.

The way the guns work in MOH is far more accurate than BF3. I think that's the one thing they should salvage from that series.

Utalkin2me1953d ago


"The way the guns work in MOH is far more accurate than BF3. I think that's the one thing they should salvage from that series."

That is so true, that's one of the reasons i did not like MOH. You should not be able to pick someone off a half mile away with a P90. BF3 has more realistic accuracy spread and recoil then MOH.

SpartanQ81953d ago

Come on man bf3 2011! Bf4 2013 or 2014!! Its a good cycle for development and offering a great game they are the best in this field we expect the best

Note: about bad company,maybe they are changing there way of releasing there sequels for the good direction

Hufandpuf1953d ago

False. the Battlefield franchise has been releasing installments on a 2 year cycle for a long time now.

JonahNL1953d ago

Further proving my point that Battlefield is going down COD's road. There is no need for a Battlefield 4 this early, yet here it is. They have to pump out a new BF game so soon...

Hufandpuf1953d ago


The timespan between BF2 and BF2142: 1 year.

And then BF:MC released on PS2, and xbox the next year.

3 games in 2 years even before the Bad Company series.

So your point is moot. DICE has been cranking out quality BF titles for a while now.

IK IR Y IP T1953d ago

You sir need to go back to school battfield 3 came out in 2011 its time for BF4! I agree with this article all cod had was a solid 60fps which bf3 has on pc with bf3 only using 30% of the frostbite 2 engine and bf4 using 80% of the game is going to be amazing. Im serious if cod uses the same engine and dont totally recode the thing they are in serious trouble

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T3AMRR1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Hi all

Well i think it´s not too soon for BF4 because everybody complains about the Limited Players in Consoles, so BF4 will bring 64 Players to Consoles and More to PC, better graphics and many more..and for me i´m very excited because in the BF4 first Picture there is a China J20 covered by the letter "E", but we can see clear the Horizontal Stabilizers in the Right - Front of J20.. so what this means is Welcome F22 :)) and T50 to the Dogfights of BF4 with F35 too i Think.

See You in Sky ::RR::

Gamesgbkiller1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I hope we see PS4 gameplay of the game.

hennessey861953d ago

Just because you don't like cod, doesn't mean other people feel the same way. Why is everyone so intent on cod failing, battlefield is a great game in its own right and doesn't need to be compared to cod as I think they too different.

admiralvic1953d ago

I think people want to see CoD fail because it's not an amazing game. Also we've seen a number of games try to be CoD, which not only limits uniqueness, but also offers more active gamers more than enough CoD like experiences.

Not saying I hate CoD or wish it ill will, but I am saying too many games want to capture the same demographic and ultimately the ACTUAL buyers a disservice.

JeffGUNZ1952d ago

If that's the case admiralvic, then how is that COD's fault? Shouldn't we put blame on the lazy companies out there trying to copy and paste COD? COD is on a 2 year Dev. cycle, like Battlefield has been this gen, it's just that 2 studios work on the games so one comes out every year. COD is still fun and if they have a new engine for next gen. ready and it's beautiful and still runs on 60fps, COD will continue the do well next gen.

Cam9771953d ago

Gaming is becoming very sour indeed. With constant releases of the same game innovation is becoming few and far between. Let me elaborate, games coming out soon that are follow-ups to fairly recent games:
• AC4
• BF4
• SR4
• COD (it's inevitable)
• Any many more, that I'm sure of.

Thank goodness for Beyond, The Last Of Us, Soul Sacrifice, Killzone: Mercenary & GRAND THEFT AUTO V.

meplaygames1953d ago

Can you tell what's innovative about killzone or even the last of us besides the expected improved graphics and new story line? What's new and innovative about those games?

superterabyte1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

I dunno maybe the fact that it's the first fps on vita that looks like it's going to be amazing and therefore by default probably going to be the best ever handheld fps. Not to mention that arguably the best looking handheld game on the vita and again by default arguably the best looking handheld game of all time.

Although I admit it maybe early to make predictions but for me what I've seen its a day 1 for sure.

Y_51501953d ago

Alright buddy it seems like you need an explanation. The Last of Us is bringing the survival horror genre to the next level. I was surisly never a survival horror game so this got me all hype up for a game that before, I wouldn't look twice at. Killzone Mercenary, It's a freaking gorgeous game that is probably going to be the best looking game ever to be on a handheld device and the best FPS to utilize the Vita's controls and capabilities so far! Soul Sacrifice is that game where it's a new IP and it's looking to be another great new IP for the Vita. And Grnd theft auto 5 is releasing over 5 YEARS since it's predecessor. Beyond2souls is going to feel more like a movie than a game at some points.

His point was; those games are going to be amazing fresh experiences, not experiences that felt too much of the same. And he use the word innovations in a different way than you are thinking of. :P

JeffGUNZ1952d ago

I don't think anyone is really answering his question. Other then it "looking nice", what new elements does the game bring that other FPS haven't?

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