Tomb Raider Will Have a Second Game

Very few is known about this matter, however the story line will probably take place in another supposed deserted island or in some mysterious place inhabited by tribes. What's certain is that the new Lara Croft will be coming back with a breathless adventure.

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ApolloTheBoss2018d ago

Of course. When you sell a million copies in a mere 2 days a sequel is pretty much confirmed.

Senyra2018d ago

Yep, I think they'll announce it sooner than we expect. Easy gold mines are normally explored at a fast pacing.

DoomeDx2018d ago

a SECOND game?

Seriously? They think this is the first tomb raider game?

Senyra2018d ago

The second one with the new Lara possibly from Square Enix too, if you had read the news you wouldn't say such non sense.

-Superman-2017d ago

Not suprise.
I hope to see more alone adventure, than a action shooting game.(I want to see more like Tomb Raider 1-4, than some shooting)

Irishguy952018d ago

Good stuff. I'm almost finished the first I think

Root2018d ago


"however the story line will probably take place in another supposed deserted island or in some mysterious place inhabited by tribes"

No...I'd rather have her back to raiding Tombs across the world.

I want this game to actually feel like a TR game again. I'll give the first one the benefit of the doubt but if they don't manage to capture TR charm from the old days then I'll know it's turned into another third person shooter

Imalwaysright2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

?? TR has ALWAYS been a third Person shooter. In fact, it was TR that popularized the genre and made it relevant back in 1996. What are you talking about?

Root2017d ago

It was a third person puzzle game with shooting elements. Shooting wasn't a focus in the old Tomb Raider games, exploring and the puzzles were.

If they keep this up it's going to look like a poor mans Uncharted.

Imalwaysright2017d ago

I would agree if you were strictly speaking about TR1 but since part 2 shooting and killing enemies has become an integral part of TR. Not only that but having shooting elements qualifies a game as being, you know, a shooter.

TekoIie2017d ago


I'm starting to get the feeling that your extremely pissed off about people liking this game...

MikeMyers2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Pekolie, he was like that with Dead Space 3 and Devil May Cry as well. In fact he wanted both of those games to fail and would call others PR people if they liked them.

People come here to share opinions, not drown out others in hopes people join your (not you) bandwagon of negativity.

Franchises have a right to change anytime they want. Remember the old campy Batman TV shows? Do you really think people are going "oh man, whatever happened to the POW! onscreen when they punched the enemies?" We have new generation of fans out there so of course newer ip's that have done well now like Uncharted will have their influences. The Tomb Raider series was getting stale and some of them weren't actually very good. This new one is a good fresh new take on it and can actually spur more interest because the older games were getting quite stale. Also some of them had plenty of action/shooting.

Root2017d ago


Here we go again...Mike wanting to go off topic so he can have a dig at me. How immature.

MikeMyers2016d ago

Root, why is it only ok for you to go off-topic?

I say bring on the second game, they did a great job with this one. A lot better than some of the previous Tomb raider games.

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Root2017d ago


Why...I enjoyed the game, I liked it but people are acting like it was perfect. I'm sick of old franchises becoming a shadow of their former selfs, if thats the case you may aswell create a new IP.



It still focused more on exploring and puzzles...rather then anything this TR does. It's wave after wave of enemies and the tombs are optional.

Imalwaysright2017d ago

So that it was the point i was trying to make. Tomb Raider has always been a TPS.

Jek_Porkins2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Loved this game much more than I expected, serious GOTY contender in my opinion.

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