Crytek: console companies could die off if they "go beyond what we say is next gen"

"It's just physically and financially impossible to go higher."
Never one to pass up the opportunity for a grand statement, Crytek's founder and CEO Cevat Yerli has told OXM that it would be "physically and financially impossible" to release a next generation Xbox that exceeds Crytek's own estimated specifications.

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animegamingnerd2098d ago

you don't control the industry crytek

classic2002098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Crytek = the PC elitist of developers.

We are cool because the POWARFUL GRAFIX, you console devolopers follow in or lead with GRAFIX.

LackTrue4K2097d ago

never gana buy a Crytek game again....

BitbyDeath2097d ago

Will make an exception for TimeSplitters

Saigon2097d ago

Man Crytek is arrogant as hell...this is not the first time they did something like this...I am tired of them opening their mouths like they know everything. Just because you make one game that is brilliant in the technical aspect, does not mean you are the industry it man. Damn...

decrypt2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Imo Console gamers are over reacting. Crytek speaks the truth.

Its an undeniable fact that this gen has been hard on both MS and Sony. More so Sony than MS.

Lets start with Sony:

All we have seen Sony do this gen is make losses. 5-10 years back, Sony were a market leader in TVs, Cameras, Camcorders, MP3 players and a host of other electronic devices. Today They have been beaten in most if not all those categories.

Even Sonys once successful console division, the PS2 was profitable from its 2nd year on wards. Which is why when they made the PS3, it was equal to mid range PCs at launch. Sony lost a lot of money with the research for the PS3. With the PS4 its mostly just off the shelf parts. Its not even released yet and is already beaten by Midrange PCs. By the time it does release Low end PCs will probably be giving it a run for its money.


While MS has been able to make profit of the Xbox 360, we need to realize the Xbox division is a very small part of the company. Hence even the profits from this division are a very small part for the company.

Everyone knows MS's golden goose is Windows, Office and their Server division. Unfortunately for MS the PC market is in a slow down. The slow down is quite intense. This is mostly the case because most people dont need to upgrade their PCs any more. Most businesses are still running PCs with Windows XP. They dont tend to replace these machines until they fail which means less copies of Windows sold.

Many organizations are evening turning to BYOD(bring your own device) model of work, which means people bring any device they want to work on, Android or IOs based devices. These devices have really hurt the sales of PCs as 5 - 10 year old PCs are still powerful enough for Internet surfing or email. Windows 8 poor sales are a testament to the winds of change in the industry.

Disaster is up in the air for MS. If Windows loses popularity(which is quickly happening now), sales of Office and Server based products will go down too. The Xbox division wont be able to keep the company afloat if this keeps up.

Bottom line MS when launched Xbox 360, it was faster than any high end PC of that time for 6 months. Xbox 720 is rumored to be equal or slower than the PS4.

Hence both of them will be equal to low end PCs (500usd machines) by the time they launch. Console makers have scaled back this gen, in an effort to try and make a profit. Both of them are in trouble. Hence arent investing too much into this gen.

SilentNegotiator2097d ago

Screw it...Crysis was never "technically" impressive and the sequels are sub-par. Crysis was just a game way before its time that hardly anyone could run at launch...what's "technically impressive" about a game that requires a lot of power to run? I could crap a bunch of pixar-detailed assets onto a game map and it would be impossible for most people to that "technically impressive"? No, it's just science; giving the average hardware something that it can't run, won't run.

It's like designing a godly water pump and calling it impressive that its Niagra Falls flow of water won't all squeeze through a 10mm pipe without the pressure destroying it. Am I impressed that you created all of the fine details of such a pump (the 3d modelling itself)? Sure. Am I impressed that the output won't be contained by a 10mm pipe (the rendering requiring insane hardware)? No.

A ridiculously detailed game having trouble running on consumer grade hardware is not impressive. A beautiful, detailed game that you can get to run on modest hardware...THAT is impressive.

Get over yourselves, Crytech. Not even elitists bang on about your games anymore.

cayleee2097d ago


"Crysis was never "technically" impressive and the sequels are sub-par. Crysis was just a game way before its time that hardly anyone could run at launch"

So 6 years later why isnt there a console game that can match Crysis if Crysis was Sub par? So i guess console games must be a disaster if Crysis is Sub par as per you.

Historically before development became stagnant due to consoles. No high end PC game could ever be maxed out on release, same was the case with Crysis.

If you are old enough to remember Quake 2, Farcry 1, Quake 3, Half life 2.

All those games couldnt be maxed out on release. It required, 2-3 years of new hardware to be able to play the games maxed out. Crysis was just repeating that trend Ie pushing the industry forward. Unfortunately what we hardly get to see these days.

SilentNegotiator2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

"So i guess console games must be a disaster if Crysis is Sub par as per you"

I said that the sequels were subpar, not Crysis. Great reading skills; it's hilarious that you're implying that I wasn't around for Quake when you don't even have basic reading comprehension. The sequels were sub-par as in they didn't take the same leap that they were so proud of making before, not being as high standard as they could have been on PC. Crysis 2 didn't even have dx11 at launch and plenty of PC games already did. As well as being subpar as games.

Hardware would advance whether games that are nearly impossible to max at launch existed or not.

cayleee2097d ago


Consoles already had a problem running what Crytek made with Crysis 1, how could they have made a jump with Crysis 2?

Be reasonable. Crysis 1 already took hardware that was far superior to consoles to max out, how could Crysis 2 have been a leap forward if it was to run on consoles too? Its not possible.

T9002097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Realistically speaking people disagreeing with Decrypt are just being fanboys.

Sony only made losses this gen- Fact

Sony used to be a leader in consumer electronics many years back - Fact

MS Barely made a profit - Fact

Windows is Ms's back bone - Fact

Windows 8 hasnt been well received neither have Surface tablets - Fact

If Ms cant turn around Windows then XBox wont save them.

If Sony cant make PS4 a success then they don't have anything else left.

People disagreeing are just in denial. Both the console makers are in trouble imo.

ame222097d ago

What's ironic is that the hypocrite is trash talking the same market that he went after with Crysis 2.

HappyGaming2097d ago

A movie studio is not the best studio because of visual effects.

A game developers is not the best because of graphics.

Crytek make great looking games but I always found Crysis very boring! There are studios out there that create full packages like Naughty Dog, Bungie, Rockstar... they offer great gameplay, great atmoshpere, Great Dialogue and story telling. That is what makes a game and these are the studios that I listen to.

PeaSFor2097d ago

meanwhile Crytek, try to do at least ONE good game.

princejb1342097d ago

thats all they really accomplished powerful graphics
but the gameplay for their games are so boring
looking at you crysis

knowyourstuff2097d ago

The Crytek guy was trying to say that consoles would be too expensive if they were too powerful, and so Crytek has estimated what specs could make up a 500 dollar console each year, and so far their estimates have been correct given past specs. They have said estimates of next gen as well and in so far specs have been largely in line with their estimates again. Lets just say, if consoles were 1000 bucks this gen, it wouldn't matter how high the specs were, even if it was technically worth it. Console owners cried like babies the last time a console was even 100 dollars more than the usual $500 launch price. Given this, Sony and Microsoft have been careful to include low end PC specs to ensure their costs stay down, because the outcry was just far too great last gen.

See what your whining does to the industry? It guarantees you will never get a super powerful console, even if it may be worth the money.

SilentNegotiator2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

" Consoles already had a problem running what Crytek made with Crysis 1, how could they have made a jump with Crysis 2? "

It's their (well, EA's) problem that they went console, not ours.

The point is, there's nothing cutting edge about them anymore. Crytek pretending that they're some far ahead leaders of this industry is a laugh.

Autodidactdystopia2097d ago

@ silent.

I get what you're saying. I do. crytek steps out of line a lot.
I personally dont care if they step out of line cause im the deciding factor in what i think. cevat and crytek are entitled to their opinion just like you are.

but I have to let you know that i disagree with you on every level of the low blows you've been dealing on your comment trail this page.

say what you want about the game length or gameplay etc. but to say that they dont make "technically" impressive videogames is just a complete denial of what actually is.

They are completely cutting edge since the days of farcry. I dont know about you but i just finished crysis 3 and that is "THE MOST" technically impressive thing ive ever seen done in realtime on a GPU.

What are you talking about not cutting edge? cutting edge of technology is the best you can get and they just put out. just cause you dont think so doesnt mean its not true.

if you are playing on a ps3 or 360 then i can understand your dissaproval, but to that i would say that you have not seen the game in its best light.

Seriously though, crytek has been pushing the industry foreward since I can remember. without them the bar would still be set pretty low. maybe you dont like their type of force in the industry, but its a neccessary force that i welcome seeing as how even if he says something offensive. I can take it cause i formulate my thoughts for my self. I also think that most people can too.

360ICE2097d ago

I really hate discussions between PC gamers and console gamers. It's always the same. PC fanboys are always like "Consoles nevar stood a chance. Dey are totally sub-par mid-range all de taim."

And then console fans are like "Why are you even bringing this up? I'm just sitting here at this fancy restaurant having a drink with my friends and you come up to me out of nowhere. Who are you even? Go home, you're drunk."

And then the PC fanboy ruins it all, because he, or she (haha, jk), has no social skills. Why? Because consoles have more social skills than PCs.

So that's why I hate these discussions. Because really, everyone has their preferences in gaming, be it graphics or whatever, and it's really just a good thing that PCs and consoles deliver different services, without the need for any of them to be sub-par. Even though PC gaming sucks. You know what you never hear? "Hey, let's go home to my place and play some game on my PC together". Sure, sometimes you hear "Hey, completely equal-minded person I've known for some time, let's take the insane effort of moving our PCs together to the same room", but mostly you only hear "Hey, person I've never known. Let's play PC online."

That's why I like PCs and consoles equally.

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HOO-HAA2098d ago

They don't even control their own games, EA does!!

camel_toad2098d ago

Wow I'm getting tired of crytek. All graphics and all talk, totally mediocre if not subpar gameplay.

admiralvic2097d ago

The best thing is that they're saying this, yet Crysis 3 is selling so well that they're already offering 50% off ( search for it).

Lior2097d ago

Best graphics of all time on pc though

HappyGaming2097d ago

I agree, Crytek makes interesting benchmark "software" for the PC.

Lior2097d ago


jester11222097d ago

To bad the game sucks I would rather just go play Battlefield graphics are almost just as good and the mp doesn't completely suck ...

hobohunterz2097d ago

Aren't benchmarks just so exciting!

BattleAxe2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Crytek is a company that is all show, and no go. I really don't understand how they've not only managed to survive, but also how they've managed to open so many studios, acquire Free Radical and buy the rights to Homefront. Where are they getting their money from?

Autodidactdystopia2097d ago

Probably not from the followers of a Console Dominated internet forum/website.

Maybe from the outside world.... outside of the tiny bubble people here at n4g seem unable to escape.

no pun intended.

Pandamobile2097d ago

All 4 Crysis games have been successful, they license CryEngine 3, and do a ton of serious game and simulation stuff for contractors (often military and civil engineering projects).

jester11222097d ago

Go home crytek your drunk again....

piroh2097d ago

they are drunk almost always

E2M2097d ago

Just because there know for great pc graphics doesn't mean they are good developers.

ILive2097d ago

I think the games for both systems will look good enough, depending on the engines being used and the developers. First party devs will most likely make most pc elitist believe in the systems. Killzone is already looking fantastic to me and things will only get better as time progress. Consoles may not be able to keep up with pcs but they will be able to hold there own against what pcs will offer. I am really just excited for the witcher 3 because cdp will make a fantastic game for both pc and consoles. Its gonna be a pc vs consoles gen, as opposed to console vs console it seems.

ATi_Elite2097d ago

I so HATE Crytek

They turned against PC Gamers even though Crysis sold 3.5m to go kiss consolers BUTTS.

Now that Crysis 2 and 3 are CONSOLE sales FAILURES, Crytek is turning against the Consolers.

Crytek just GO one wants your Tech Demo's anymore!!!

zeddy2097d ago

if crytek were so good they would be making amazing looking games on 6 year old consoles like uncharted or god of war isntead of moaning its not powerful enough.

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faysal2098d ago

who the hack do these people think they are? EA's puppies who barks on EA's command... only games they make is crysis and yet they have a big mouth like they control everything... with all these graphics POWAH!!! of cry engine they still cant sell more license then unreal. but hey have a big mouth like they are the king of devolopers.

N0S3LFESTEEM2097d ago

Crysis is the only game I know of that uses the cryengine... please inform me if there are others worth talking about.

ZombieNinjaPanda2097d ago

Inb4 "They're not "AAA" Games so why should I care"

Conzul2097d ago

The upcoming Star Citizen by Chris Roberts is built upon the Cryengine, I believe.

CryEngine is a great engine but Crytek is wai tu proud of themselves. If they had existed 70 years ago, they would've all been like, "Vee vill build a wrocket komputer dat vill make a V2 reach Vashington! Ah-HAH HAH HAH AHA HAH!"

Bumpmapping2098d ago

Crytek=Second rate FPS developer

Ezz20132098d ago

more like 3rd or 4th rate developer
the are trolling as always and still fail at it

CapsLocke2097d ago ShowReplies(1)
hiredhelp2098d ago

Looks at article headline thinks wtf then sees a name "CEO Cevat Yerli"
Enough said

2098d ago