PSLS’ Morning Wood Episode 002.1: Got Wood? Joakim Mogren Revealed and a Giveaway

There were a lot of behind the scenes technical issues, so this week’s Morning Wood is the patched version after bugs were found in the original filming of episode 2 (ie. all of the files were deleted and I had to scramble late Friday night to film, edit, encode, upload and publish). This Morning Wood is longer, stronger, and comes with a giveaway and a very special guest. Watch to witness new features like ‘Sebastian Asks’ and a possible vocal cameo by a certain green muppet.

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TrendyGamers1982d ago

Another great episode! I can't believe you got Joakim Mogren!

knifefight1982d ago

Oh hey Beavis, I was wondering where you were.

Sarobi1981d ago

"It is a video game" WOAH!