‘Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix’ CG comparison screens revealed

More comparison screens, this time featuring the computer-generated opening, have been revealed for the upcoming Playstation 3 product, “Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix.”

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Snookies121892d ago

Wow, I'm sorry but this site blows for viewing pictures... I have to answer survey questions before I can freaking look at them!? Forget that.

Irishguy951892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I don't have to do a survey?? Got ad blocker etc on?

Looks miles better anyway for those who can't see.

That's weird. Don't know why I don't have to answer anything.

Here's some direct links where hopefully you won't need the questions

Anarki1892d ago

I have adblocker, I still have to answer questions to view the pictures. Not worth it...

Snookies121892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Yeah man, I have Ad Blocker on, still have to do them lol.


Ah, thanks for the links. They certainly do look much better!

Sephiroushin1892d ago

I don't have to do any survey!

The HD looks way better on the pics, a lot cleaner too. Now i just have to wait for my copy to see it on my big TV screen! ...

WildArmed1892d ago

That's weird, I'm getting that too.

I don't remember Examiner having this crap before.

Azurite1892d ago

Hope the opening song switches too if you select another language.

Snookies121892d ago

Wait... They're including the Japanese voice track??

Sephiroushin1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I don't see why they wouldn't, the JP ver has an option for english voice acting!

Edit: But now that I remember I read that it won't support JP voice over ...

here reply from post #10:

Snookies121892d ago

@Sephiroushin - Yes indeed it does, but there's always the issue of having to pay those voice actors as well if it's included in the localized version.

I'd love to have both available...

Azurite1892d ago

@Sephiroushin: That sucks :/
I'll check up on the ASIA region release then... they often have original voice actors and English subtitles as a choice.

Tapani1892d ago

I would have to agree with that one. Utada Hikaru's song was written and composed originally in Japanese.

While she is a very capable singer in English (She was born in NY, but lived mostly in Japan and is Japanese), I just feel that the English version felt a bit forced.

I recommend her album Heart Station, if you want to listen her best Japanese music.

I'm a big fan of Hikke and Kingdom Hearts got me into her music :)

Pyrrhus1892d ago

So pumped to get back into this franchise again when it gets released. Squenix needs to stop producing spin-offs and work on an installment on the main platforms.

Capt-FuzzyPants1892d ago

The "spin-offs" add a LOT to the story. If you play KH1 and KH2 but don't play the handheld titles (most of them really aren't spinoffs) you will be so confused when you play KH3 when it eventually comes out.

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jakmckratos1892d ago

don't care...just want 3...3 better look better than the CGI from 2

Snookies121892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Calm your face, Nomura said he would start on 3 after Versus XIII. So... That means it'll never happen lol! Nah, I kid... Seriously though, I want 3 as much as the next guy, but these HD collections are a great deal. It'll catch you up on any handheld games you might have missed, not to mention give you trophies/achievements, features that were never released in the regular versions as well as an amazing movie for 358/2 Days. Not to mention it's a cheap price for all of that packaged into one game. Now, I've already beaten every one of them, including the Final Mixes, and handheld versions, but I'm still quite happy this is being done. Having them all in one place on a console. (Yes 2.5 HD is coming as well, which will include KH2 Final, Birth by Sleep [Final]?, and Re:Coded [Movie]?)

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