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Oli looks at the often forgotten space of PlayStation Home and wonders if Sony could be planning something for their online space

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Godmars2902016d ago

Just realizing: Home is where much of the PS3's casual market is.

DigitalRaptor2016d ago

There are many hardcore Home users though. I would say I'm a casual user of Home, but I'm not a part of PS3's casual market.

Godmars2902016d ago

Same thing actually.

Some bash Home w/o really knowing anything about it much less trying it. Some try it and give it a minute or less never to try it again. And then some get into it.

Then again companies supporting it seem to be making money, continue to make content, so something right must be happening there.

At the same time however it feels like its gone away from supporting the PS3. Full PS3 title certainly no longer support it. Trophies don't translate in items for Home.

caseh2016d ago

Home is a wasted opportunity.

Rather than a hub for gamers to gather into, have a chat then launch into a game its just one HUGE advert for which ever companies can be bothered to put up a section.

I had visions of a room filled with arcade cabinets from the 80's/90's. Stroll in, play some Bubble Bobble goodness...instead i'm greeted with Ice Breaker and Echochrome.

Could have been great but the sad reality its just a place where people dance infront of the video adverts that loop endlessly by the pool tables, oh the joy of it.

lodossrage2015d ago

HOME is a place for both.

I say that because even though many casuals use HOME. A good number of hardcore gamers are there too like DigitalRaptor stated.

Case in point, I found people there to help me get my platinum in Killzone 2 and a few teammates for Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma back when I played that.

2016d ago
stage882016d ago

I like Home a lot and look forward to what Sony will do with it on the PS4.

SonyStyled2016d ago

i pop in home every few weeks for an hours or so. i actually watched the sony PS4 meeting in home as the video didnt need to pause to buffer as it did on my computer

GreenRanger2016d ago

I downloaded it to take a look, spent about 90 seconds in it, then deleted it.

GreenRanger2016d ago

It was about a month ago.

stage882016d ago

90 seconds? Because that the right amount of time to judge something....

Godmars2902016d ago

If you didn't check out Cutthroat Island you did nothing.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2016d ago

90 seconds!!!?!?! No offense but you're trying a bit too hard to troll PsHome and it's coming off as kinda sad. It takes about 50 seconds to download and enter a new area. That leaves about 40 seconds to make sure low expectations are met am i right?

GreenRanger2016d ago

90 seconds after i downloaded it and created my avatar, i mean.
I really had no intention of using PS Home because i'm not into all that social stuff.
Like i said above, i downloaded it TO TAKE A LOOK at it, i wasn't trolling it.

Hicken2016d ago

90 seconds isn't enough time to "take a look" at anything.

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