Pach-Attack: Microsoft...will very deliberately trash the PS4

GT:Is Microsoft's delay to announce their Next-Gen console a poor decision? Plus, Pachter predicts the Destiny price model and why publishers region lock games.

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Nick_5151949d ago

I assumed that's what it meant (marketing), but I can see how people would think he meant sales or specs or something.

a_bro1949d ago

4 degrees, and he cant predict properly... DAMN SUN indeed...

Eddie201011949d ago

He did well in all but marketing, but everything he say's is nothing but market manipulation.

Pachter: I'll play dumb so i can get away with it.

SephirothX211949d ago

Yeah but marketing doesn't count because that's just bull.

hivycox1949d ago

..and he still sucks xD

Ranma11948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

I just realised something.

Patchers comments are taken out of context as much as possible !!!

I dont know if it was just in this occasion, but i doubt it.

caseh1948d ago

They always have been, he says something then it gets posted here with an out of context title. Then everyone piles in saying how much BS Pachter speaks.

What you will NEVER see is someone posting an article where he has accurately predicted something. And contrary to popular belief if you look back over some of his predictions they are often accurate.

Hes been involved in the indusrty for years, he clearly does something right.

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StrongMan1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Pachter says "MS will trash Sony" so it's official.................Sony will trash MS.

Knight_Crawler1949d ago

What is the name of this world that you live in that makes you hate MS so much?

Do you wake in the morning and say to yourself "I have to honor my people and try to destroy MS"

princeofthabay1949d ago

You do realize it was a joke on account of Pachter always being wrong,right?

kingmushroom1949d ago

do you wake in the morning and say to yourself " I have to take jokes seriously"

TheRealSpy1949d ago

He, like most people on n4g, is a children. and that will never change. Perpetual children.

He's says something completely stupid...has more agrees than disagrees. You, point out a truth about n4g, you have more disagrees than agrees. That's the nature of the retarded beast.

kenshiro1001949d ago

...Why do you hate Sony? Answer that question?

And he was only joking. Pachter is a big joke anyway.

BIGBOSS081949d ago

who hates microsoft? i just hate their products cause they suck ass. nothing wrong with that.

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Eddie201011949d ago

Maybe it's not MS he dislikes but maybe the community that he dislikes, you know, the one's who calls everyone pro Sony or pro Nintendo fanboys and then claim that there not being fanboys.

Outside_ofthe_Box1949d ago

That isn't the case with StrongMan though. He definitely has something personal against MS.

But the people you described definitely exist.

Godmars2901949d ago

This is different from when they attacked based on:

Blu-ray/disc format?
Backwards Compatibility?

Once again obvious Pachter is obvious.

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GalacticEmpire1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Talk is cheap, show us games Msoft or GTFO.

MS can run a smear campaign if they want but it will be the games in the end that will sway the vote of the gamers.

Sony has clearly highlighted the fact that gaming is the TOP priority with the PS4, if MS cannot match that promise I will be very disappointed.

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