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Pach-Attack: Microsoft...will very deliberately trash the PS4

GT:Is Microsoft's delay to announce their Next-Gen console a poor decision? Plus, Pachter predicts the Destiny price model and why publishers region lock games. (Culture, Michael Pachter, PS4, Xbox One)

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LOGICWINS  +   684d ago
Four degrees? DAMN SUN!
The_Infected  +   684d ago
@3:15 in the video. Fanboy SLAP! Haha
NewMonday  +   684d ago
he means MS will "trash" the PS4 in the media.

it is something called "FUD"
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blitz0623  +   683d ago
Well this isn't called a console war for nothing
LOL_WUT  +   683d ago
Fanboy slap @ 3:15 Hell yea!! ;)
That-Guy  +   683d ago
knowyourstuff  +   683d ago
Microsoft has done nothing but trash Sony at every step of the way and vice versa. This is nothing new, and is the same marketing tactics that a lot of western companies use. Instead of building your own market share, you attack your competitors. The problem with that strategy is that no company exists unscathed, and usually in dire financial straits, as has been seen with both Sony and Microsoft this generation.
kikizoo  +   682d ago
"Microsoft has done nothing but trash Sony at every step of the way and vice versa. "

not "vice versa", viral marketing and paid journalism is a microsoft strategy, ugly, but it works for them (i hope people will stop encouraging company lies and trash talk)
knowyourstuff  +   682d ago
Ahem, I like Sony but "The next generation starts when we say it does" is a bit of a passive aggressive jab at Microsoft. I could name a few more, but I get it, Microsoft being a much more Western company has taken it to Sony at every step of the way in a much more aggressive manner, and it has definitely worked to snatch market share away from Sony.

Also, all the paid journalism rumours is just that, rumours. I know some "journalists" have absolutely no business calling themselves that, and are such fanboys that they absolutely cater themselves to one company/system more than another, I won't name names as you all probably have at least a few in your heads already, but Microsoft doesn't need to pay any journalist to do or say anything, they know they have insane fanboys who will troll the internet non stop for free.
classic200  +   684d ago
misleading title lol
Nick_515  +   683d ago
I assumed that's what it meant (marketing), but I can see how people would think he meant sales or specs or something.
a_bro  +   683d ago
4 degrees, and he cant predict properly... DAMN SUN indeed...
Eddie20101  +   683d ago
He did well in all but marketing, but everything he say's is nothing but market manipulation.

Pachter: I'll play dumb so i can get away with it.
SephirothX21  +   683d ago
Yeah but marketing doesn't count because that's just bull.
hivycox  +   683d ago
..and he still sucks xD
Ranma1  +   683d ago
I just realised something.

Patchers comments are taken out of context as much as possible !!!

I dont know if it was just in this occasion, but i doubt it.
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caseh  +   683d ago
They always have been, he says something then it gets posted here with an out of context title. Then everyone piles in saying how much BS Pachter speaks.

What you will NEVER see is someone posting an article where he has accurately predicted something. And contrary to popular belief if you look back over some of his predictions they are often accurate.

Hes been involved in the indusrty for years, he clearly does something right.
Thirty3Three   683d ago | Bad language | show
StrongMan  +   684d ago
Pachter says "MS will trash Sony" so it's official.................Sony will trash MS.
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Knight_Crawler  +   684d ago
What is the name of this world that you live in that makes you hate MS so much?

Do you wake in the morning and say to yourself "I have to honor my people and try to destroy MS"
princeofthabay  +   683d ago
You do realize it was a joke on account of Pachter always being wrong,right?
kingmushroom  +   683d ago
do you wake in the morning and say to yourself " I have to take jokes seriously"
TheRealSpy  +   683d ago
He, like most people on n4g, is a children. and that will never change. Perpetual children.

He's says something completely stupid...has more agrees than disagrees. You, point out a truth about n4g, you have more disagrees than agrees. That's the nature of the retarded beast.
kenshiro100  +   683d ago
...Why do you hate Sony? Answer that question?

And he was only joking. Pachter is a big joke anyway.
BIGBOSS08  +   683d ago
who hates microsoft? i just hate their products cause they suck ass. nothing wrong with that.
Eddie20101  +   683d ago
Maybe it's not MS he dislikes but maybe the community that he dislikes, you know, the one's who calls everyone pro Sony or pro Nintendo fanboys and then claim that there not being fanboys.
Septic  +   683d ago
Ha oh please!
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   683d ago
That isn't the case with StrongMan though. He definitely has something personal against MS.

But the people you described definitely exist.
Godmars290  +   684d ago
This is different from when they attacked based on:

Blu-ray/disc format?
Backwards Compatibility?

Once again obvious Pachter is obvious.
greenpowerz   684d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(8)
GalacticEmpire  +   684d ago
Talk is cheap, show us games Msoft or GTFO.

MS can run a smear campaign if they want but it will be the games in the end that will sway the vote of the gamers.

Sony has clearly highlighted the fact that gaming is the TOP priority with the PS4, if MS cannot match that promise I will be very disappointed.
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Cocozero  +   684d ago
MS knows exactly what they are doing :)

After watching the vid I can see why MS let Sony have the exclusive Destiny content, very clever :p
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GalacticEmpire  +   683d ago | Funny
Losing exclusive content in a game from a dev that used to produce games only on Xbox and is now multi-plat...


Sony must be kicking themselves.
smashcrashbash  +   683d ago
Yeah that was an awesome move by Microsoft. 'Hey lets give the competition exclusive content so people will want to buy the game from them instead of us.That will show them'.I really don't know how some people on N4G can even tie their own shoes. Like greenpowerz up there .What is no veriety mean? Can't you even spell variety? Or are you too busy ranting about nonsense to even spell check what you are writing? Microsoft talks smack about other consoles all the time.They did it to both the Wii and the PS3.
SuperLupe  +   683d ago
Don't forget guys, you are talking about the compnay that got Devil May Cry, Tekken, Final Fantasy 13, GTA, Metal Gear Rising to launch the very same day on the 360 than on the PS3. Something never seen last gen.

I don't think they are worried a single second that PS3 is having exclusive content for Destiny. If theres one company that knows how to deal with 3rd partys that would be MS.
Evil-snuggles  +   683d ago
I took a year and a half for microSCAM to sale 1 million and a half less game console and a 600 dollar launch than PS3 most analyst say that the PS3 will sale more than 100 million console and sale more console than the Wii what did you think will happen when the PS4 and 720 launch at the same time and price Nelson laugh HA HA
Tito08  +   683d ago
@ SuperLupe- It isn't like as if any of those games were first party in the first place, Metal Gear & Final fantasy were first on Nintendo console-wise before they went PS. So it still doesn't make any difference, also Xbox is getting Tekken after 6 successful exclusive PS releases in which Tag 1 is included, & Tekken 6 wasn't great debuting as a multiplat anyways, & Sony isn't worried at the fact 360 got those games as well, because at the end of the day, those games will still sell better on PS in total sales, as is evident with all those IPs you mentioned!

You sound as if Microsoft are super genius when dealing with 3rd parties when in most of the cases is pretty much Activision, both can do deals of their own, but Sony provided better deals with 3rd parties than Microsoft did this entire generation. Microsoft with their time exclusive DLC while Sony offered both timed & fully exclusive content, meaning content you Xblind fanboys like you would never get. Also didn't Journey, an indie-game & Sony exclusive, won game of the year awards,and got nominated for best soundtrack for the Grammys? How "GENIUS" of Microsoft!
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fsfsxii  +   683d ago
Metal Gear was on the MSX -_-
Tito08  +   683d ago
@ fsfsxii- I know, but can you re-read what I just said? I said console-wise, the MSX wasn't a console, read properly man!
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miyamoto  +   683d ago
M$ lost Destiny exclusivity launch window deal to Sony actually if I am not mistaken.
kenshiro100  +   683d ago
...And that's amazing, how? They still haven't shown notable 1st party titles. All they're succeeded in doing is waving around 3rd party titles that can ALSO be found on the PS3 and DLC.

Btw, the games you mentioned? Guess what? They sold more on the PS3.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   683d ago
No Pachter you're wrong again. They won't even mention the competition.

See Pachter is a shill. This is the man who told his clients to invest in Sony, right before their stock lost 73% of its value. His rep is severely tarnished and he knows it. So he's got to make it look like all the big companies are concerned with Sony, when clearly they are not.
XXXL  +   683d ago
What a boner
Myst-Vearn  +   683d ago
this man is a fool.
sagapo  +   683d ago
What a misleading title! Watch the video people!
BlaqMagiq24  +   683d ago
Misleading title. He said Microsoft will trash PS4 in the media not himself.
NavydAd  +   683d ago
He made a good point about being a dynamic world and Activision only charging us $60 even though its going to cost money continuously.
Benjaminkno  +   683d ago
I don't like this idea of simultaneous release consoles.
A year from now, we'll see who is in trouble.
2 years from now, one of the companies will bow out.
FightFans  +   683d ago
for god sake, stop mentions this guy name for just once.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   683d ago
A man predicts MS to trash PS4 by making a big deal about showing a box. Then MS will say they have 8gb of RAM and act like it's the same as having 8gb of GDDR5 RAM. They will say they have a better network even though they're even from my experience. A man just hopes they have some new IP and don't make Kinect 2 out to be exciting since we've already seen camera tracking so it won't be.
Jazz4108  +   683d ago
Remember next gen does not start till Sony says it does. What a misleading title. All he said was sony would say they are the best and then ms will claim heres why theres is better when they announce. I cant believe how much the media is streatching what he said to get hits. Shamefull.
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jakmckratos  +   683d ago
Michael Pachter is so pretentious. Nobody knows what the video game industry is going to do..it's way too unpredictable
sagapo  +   683d ago
he never claims "knowing" stuff. He always guesses and thinks out loud. Stuff he knows comes from people he talked to from the gaming industry and even they talk BS at times (like when Pachter refers to the guy who didn't know nothing about the PS4 specs and 5 days later anounces Destiny on the PS4)
KingKevo  +   683d ago
I want to focus on another thing from the video, the region locking. Actually PS3 games do not have a region lock. I think there is only a handfull of japanese games that are region locked, but I think it's part of Sonys regulations that publishers are not allowed to use region locks. The good thing is that you can buy games from anywhere in the world ans still play them on every PS3 console and even get DLC for that game by using a (fake) account that is located in the region of the version of the game, becuase even though DLC is not region locked, most of the time it requires a certain version of the game.

What's also great is that most publishers release their games with multiple language options, so even if you're from France you can play game XY from the US or if you're from Germany you can play game YZ from the UK. However some publishers like Activision and EA try to control the market by releasing their games with only one language on the disc, like CoD for example. They do that in order to control the market and prevent too many players from buying the game from a region where it is cheaper, like the UK here in Europe.

Another thing I'd like to add is what he has to say about the German market. He's totally wrong about that. That has NOTHING to do with region locking. Even though the version that are sold in Germany do somites have to be cut and some games are not ever getting released here because they are too violent and the uncut version gets on the index that does not mean that you can not play these uncut versions from other countries or regions here. They will work just fine. Just like the German version will work in other regions too. However because the version are different you won't find the DLC required for your version in the German store. And I'm talking about PS3 here, because I think that on the Xbox and the first few Gears games (that were never released here) it was not possible for German players to play the games online because they could not get access to the servers with an account located in Germany or a German IP. That's how I remember it, but I could be wrong on that one.
KillrateOmega  +   683d ago
Everyone should watching the video first before jumping to conclusions and commenting. The title is misleading.
The Great Melon  +   683d ago
Yay! Someone else who actually watched the video. I am beginning to think much of the negativity surrounding Patcher is largely a result of irresponsible gaming journalists.
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nintendoland  +   683d ago
I somewhat agree with him :/
urwifeminder  +   683d ago
Fans trash the sony name more than anyone.
5eriously  +   683d ago
and.... the Americans will believe them........ again. BTW ..... where is Milo?????
cleverusername  +   683d ago
Give the monkey a nut!!
DivineAssault  +   683d ago
i love misleading articles lol..
whamlollypop7   683d ago | Offensive
solidworm  +   683d ago
Good O'l FudgePachter and his King Midas in reverse skit.
SlyFamous02  +   683d ago
Nothing new.
mrmancs  +   683d ago
haaaaa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa.
isuwiueoos   683d ago | Spam
kenshiro100  +   683d ago
Well, this isn't surprising. Microsoft has been doing this with Sony from since the PS3 came out.
sjaakiejj  +   683d ago
I don't get it.. Where's all the trash talk for Bungie's always-on DRM on Destiny?
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