$540 StarCraft 2: HotS Budget DIY Gaming PC

GamersNexus: "If your sole purpose in life is to play Heart of the Swarm, this budget gaming PC build will pump out StarCraft 2: HotS on maximum graphics settings (19x10) for around $500. Simple."

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2pacalypsenow1978d ago

632 with the OS, unless your using a tv then add monitor and speakers

DA_SHREDDER1978d ago

exactly, DIY, that's no bullcrap. Find all the compatible drivers yourself, crappy online support. Even steam gives me a hard time.

ninjahunter1978d ago

Would probably be worth the bump to Get an fx-6300, Only $20 more for 2 extra physical cores, and if your into overclocking, that would bump you into the 2550k (i5) performance range which is pretty much the PC industry standard right now.

mistertwoturbo1978d ago

Glad to know someone knows something about PC's here. The FX6300 is the best value processor on the market IMO. Decent gaming performance and decent desktop performance only for ~$135