Microsoft not worried about PS4, waiting until E3 to reveal the Xbox 720

Microsoft isn't worried about the PlayStation 4 and are waiting until E3 to unveil the Xbox 720.

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Prodigy-X1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Okay, more hype for PS4 then.

classic2001894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

I think what microsoft is focusing on is not really what sony is focusing on, this is the reason why they have no need to show anything before E3.

Xbox tv
Kinect tv
Kinect 2.0
next gen xbox live features

Having a event for those is just a waste of time and if they have a event for gamers then its all about third party games, halo 4 and black tusk IP which is not enough. They also cant come on stage and talk specs because its weaker.

mandf1894d ago

@ classic

I disagree with your last statement. Look at it like this. Every Gen of console somebody has to be weaker. There is no way around that. Being weaker doesn't automatically make it a worse system. It's always about the games. The console with the best games is the winner. Ms only has to obtain 1080p standard to be a powerful console. There is no reason they shouldn't shoot for that goal. Tv only goes to 1080p. More powerful means nothing if you don't have dedicated developers using all the power they have. It doesn't mean the next xbox won't be a capable system. They have this event for it's developers and its fanbase. It's a unveil. Who know maybe it will be stronger than the Ps4. It doesn't matter because 1080p is 1080p.

soxfan20051894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

How do you know the next Xbox is weaker? Do you have some inside information that the rest of us don't have? More like wishful thinking on your part.

You're clinging to the false idea that RAM somehow decides what console is "stronger". The type or amount of RAM has NEVER been a deciding factor in ANY console race. People here just WANT it to be true this time because they believe that PS4 will have "better" RAM.

Look at it this way - if a souped up street car has more horsepower than a Nascar car, does that mean the street car would beat the race car on a racetrack? Not likely. It's about optimization MUCH more than raw specs. You can't play RAM.

I'd also be willing to bet that MS shows more core games (non-Kinect) at the Xbox reveal than Sony showed at the PS4 reveal. If you think MS is going to sacrifice the hundreds of millions of $$$ they make from their core games to focus on other things, you're just delusional.

blitz06231894d ago Show
Dark_Overlord1894d ago


I believe classic was referring to the supposedly leaked docs by superdae, which did indeed show that the Xbox had a weaker processor and gpu as well as the mentioned RAM.

Until MS actually detail the specs, all anybody has at the present time to go by is the supposedly leaked specs :)

ALLWRONG1894d ago

No one knows what path MS will follow because they haven't announced anything yet. You're comparing rumors and speculation while trying to pretend it's real.

Evil-snuggles1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Showtime: PS4 rumoured at 1.84TF, Xbox 720 at 1.23TF
Here we go. VG247 has been told that PlayStation 4 has a 50% raw power advantage over Xbox 720, based on information out of CES.

If true, these numbers mean PlayStation 4 will have a 50% raw, computational power advantage over Xbox 720.
If latest rumours regarding next generation hardware are to be believed, the next PlayStation is to be significantly more powerful that the next Xbox.

Developer sources, speaking after meetings at CES, have told VG247 that the next PlayStation, codenamed Orbis, will have a run-capability of 1.84 teraflops. Conversely, the next Xbox, codenamed Durango, will be able to achieve 1.23 teraflops.

If true, these numbers mean PlayStation 4 will have a 50% raw, computational power advantage over Xbox 720.

While PS4 will have greater grunt that 720, however, the Microsoft machine has significantly more RAM at 8Gb, we’ve been told. Our source said that 3Gb is reserved for the OS, apps and security, leaving 4-5Gb for games.

Orbis will have 4Gb of RAM, said our source, of which 1Gb will be reserved for for OS, security and apps, leaving some 3Gb for games.

Both machines will supposedly have have the ability to read 100Gb Blu-ray discs.

Durango is apparently based on the Radeon HD 8770 GPU.

PlayStation 4 has been previously rumoured to be built on AMD’s A10 APU.

It was recently claimed that the two machines are to be announced in late March. It’s widely assumed that both consoles will launch in November this year Nelson laugh HA HA

madjedi1894d ago

@snuggles Sony already made 8 gigs of Gddr5 official, which is faster and has significantly higher bandwidth than ddr3, hence why the 720 will use edram to compensate for the lower bandwidth of the ddr3.

How it was possible to miss the 8 gigs of Gddr5 ram in the ps4, did you fall down a well.

I think it perfectly justified to assume the 720 is the weaker of the two consoles, look at where ms's priorities have been the last 3 or 4 e3's.

That could change with new info, we will see even if the 720 is weaker it will still be a authentic next gen console.

@article That would be a very stupid action, sony has people talking about the next gen sony console and games.

Unless ms isn't going after hardcore gamers this gen, they need to counteract all the ps4 talk, by showing 360 owners something to get them excited for the 720.

If ms isn't going to talk about next gen, sony will do it for them.

The 16 million views on youtube for the playstation conference, wasn't just from sony fans.

Ju1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

GDC is comming. I'd like to see how there will be no "public" talk about the 720 while Sony will use this again to present it to devs (and leak it to the public). That's before E3. And then E3...

I don't know. MS will keep trash talking; but they own the press. It's America's darling. It will still be an uphill battle for Sony in the USA.

SkyGamer1893d ago

Amd came out and stated the next Xbox will be able to achieve Avatar like graphics, that is ray tracing. They never said that for the next playstation. Amd is supposed to be running the guts in both Xbox and playstation. You can't do ray tracing on laptop specs, ps4. Maybe with an opteron CPU by amd. Regardless, if both have laptop specs, I'll sit out nexgen and just buy an a10 laptop and emulate ps4 games natively.

SkyGamer1893d ago

Even my 2 year old PC would run circles around Nexgen. Really disappointed.

AMD Phenom2 1100t be 3.33 3.8 turbo
zalman 9950
16gb gskill ddr3-1600
240gb ssd sata3
640gb wd black sata3
2tb wd green sata2
1.5tb wd green sata2
nvidia gtx570 superclocked
antec 902
apevia 700 watt aquos

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jimbobwahey1894d ago

I thought everybody already knew that Microsoft would reveal the next Xbox in April? This article is just desperately fishing for hits.

PeaSFor1894d ago

"Microsoft not worried about PS4"

sure...., like if in buisness you shouldnt be worried at what the competition does.

FunAndGun1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

nevermind... misunderstood ya.

Derekvinyard131894d ago

I'm glad there's competition makes it better for us gamers

THEDON82z11894d ago

PeaSFor I am with you, the common knowleadge(if you go by history) is simple microsoft is wooried as shit and is looking for a way to up Sony.If they had so much confidence they would have atleast sayed they will be announcing somthing in april or whatever date. Sony fucked there calculations up by doubling there ram an now the litle advantage they had if any is worthless because developers have to go through extra extra steps to make it run optimal. WHEN YOU LOOK AT PS3 YOU SEE THE FACT THAT IF YOU DONT HAVE 100s OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS investested in first party software you cant win and that is why ps3 has now outsold xbox360!!!!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1894d ago

Now I don't have to ask-

I thought they were going to reveal in April too.

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zerocrossing1894d ago

Im obviously interested in what MS has to show tech wise with their nextbox but I just don't see what they can bring to the table 1st party/exclusive games wise that'll interest me, Gears and Halo have run their course IMO.

MikeMyers1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

True. Sony seems to have made a checklist of what to do. Easy to develop, an online service that is likely to rival if not overshadow Xbox Live, tons of power compared to the only other console (The Wii U), a history of diversified exclusives, good relations with big publishers and wanting to work with smaller devs and the indie scene.

Obviously we will have to see the price points of each and what games will actually be available at launch. Microsoft really needs to start addressing their own concerns. Reliable hardware out of the gate, a free way of playing games online, what restrictions they (and Sony) will have on used games and DRM schemes, new IP's that hardcore gamers can appreciate, making Kinect into an actual adversary to hardcore games.

I'm very open to see what Microsoft will offer. I am not going to have any judgements beforehand like many others here are. I was very open to the Wii U and while it does offer some interesting gameplay mechanics I am going to continue to wait until more games come out that interest me.

hennessey861894d ago

A fourth killzone title........who knows what Microsoft will unveil, I'm ready to go ps4 only if Microsoft go casual but until we actually no it's all speculation.

zerocrossing1894d ago


I never said I didn't mind a 4th Killzone game, that's putting words in my mouth.

I just don't care since Im not a fan of that franchise, anyway Sony have a ton more IP's that are in my preference for me to choose from.

ALLWRONG1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Maybe MS will end up with more exclusive games and content next gen like they did this gen. (Use google and check the facts before claiming I'm wrong.)

@Why o why 360 also has more retail exclusives. That's why I said check google first.

Why o why1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

a next killzone on top of new ips...balance. It can work like that. Lets hope ms do bring more to the table for their fans. Wake up the sleeping hits like crimson skies. Tired of people talking about a comparable amount of studios ms have when they're not churning out a comparable amount of games PLUS sit on original xbox ips. C'mon MS shut me the ef up and throw us some new bones

@ All wrong.....Deluded. Even some of the most balanced and ardent 360 fans would like more new ips and exclusives...xbl games are great and nothing to be scoffed at but lets be honest. We're talking about full price games..gears, uncharted, mario, forza, you know.. stop gassin.. ms sony or nintendo would never push the boat out if all of their fans were like you. Hell, even I want sony to produce more however unreasonable it sounds especially when they produce more anyway. Their finances aren't my primary concern. Games please of 'ga long'.....'keep it moving'....'jog on'

DigitalRaptor1894d ago


I'm sorry but games like Alan Wake and Splinter Cell aren't exclusive.

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adorie1894d ago

Heh. Microsoft popping their collar during the PS4 hype? E3 is radiating and it isn't even here yet.

ATi_Elite1894d ago

Cause Microsoft isn't really worried about CORE GAMING in General.

Microsoft is more concerned with the X720 being a Multi-media machine than a Gaming system.

MS Knows it can just Buy timed Exclusive Gaming content and make cash through Multi-plats while they put real effort behind Kinect for kid sales and Xbox TV/ Cable subscriptions for family stuff that the Next BOX is gonna have.

Sony = focused on Great games
MS = focused on Subscriptions of media

X720 will have just as much power as a PS4 but just done in a different way just like the PS4 will have lots of media but just Streamed through Gaikai while MS has content hardwired through cable and the MOVE ENGINES in the X720.

Both Systems are fighting it out for control over the Living room but just going about it in different ways

ZoyosJD1894d ago

The move engines are not going to be able to compensate for the 3x difference in bandwidth between DDR3 and GDDR5. While GDDR5s latency issues can be overcome by preloading especially with such a massive amount of RAM.

I would love to see MS wait till 2014 and have a DDR4 and GDDR6 system that might actually make a difference, but I just don't see them waiting that long or matching the PS4s capabilities without a nearly identical architecture before then.

shoddy1894d ago

I agree with Ati.
Just like xbox and Sony fans.

MS focus on the sales and Sony focus on pushing games to the max.

dcbronco1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Considering Sony is still on the verge of bankruptcy, they need to learn to make better decisions instead of focusing on appeasing a handful of customers. For all of their exclusives and concentration on core gaming and free services they have lost a ton of money on gaming this generation. Gaming is the main thing standing between Sony existing or going off a cliff in the next few years so they had better figure out a better balance than pushing out a bunch of exclusives that lose more money.

They have shown signs of smarter decisions in gaming by moving KZ to next generation while leaving games that will sell for sure like GT6 for the PS3. Rumors of several tiers of online service so that they can stop bleeding money for free stuff is another sign of smarter decisions. All of Sony's pushing the core will eventually lead to Sony not making much of anything anymore if people continue to not buy them. So if you really believe those exclusives are so great, you need to buy them. Because Sony will have no choice but to move closer and closer to what Microsoft is doing if you don't.

If you don't believe those low sales of Sony exclusives are hurting Sony, just use a little common sense comparison to Journey. Journey was well received and sold extremely well. Yet the developer almost went under. Sony has made a whole lot of exclusives that didn't sell well and cost far, far more to make. If Thatgamingcompany didn't make money, you can bet most of those Sony exclusives lost a lot more.

MS is focused on running a viable business. It's the only reason to run a for-profit company in the first place. Not to get cheered over a cliff by fanboys.

AngelicIceDiamond1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Or how bout MS never left core gaming in the first place?

Or the fact that MS tried to do to many things at once with the 360. Kinect, Entertainment, and core gaming.

MS doesn't have enough support or resources to tackle all those things at once including releasing new Ip's Rare, Lion Head, Crytek, Ruffian Games, Black Tusks and Remedy have all been busy with the 720 for that past couple of years therefor can't release new core games on Xbox.

MS wants to start fresh with the 720 and introduce brand new core games.

That'll be different with the 720, MS has way more resources and studios. Thus better prepared to announce new entertainment along side the next big exclusive core Ip. That's currently not possible with the 360.

I'm tired of this illusion of MS not being about gaming. If that were remotely true then MS wouldn't have a mass library of games through out its life cycle? If MS didn't care about the core they wouldn't release Gears, Halo, exclusive arcade titles and timed DLC. No Ip's but I big name titles that people want.


Sony didn't focus on Move to much this gen because they know that would take up resources and rather use those resources for new Ip's.

MS did focus on Kinect because well, it was popular and high selling. Kinect was coming out with great games but soon fell flat because Kinect only games outside of dancing and sports is a failure due to limitations and poor implementation. So MS highest rated Kinect only game is Dance Central 2 with an 86 rating the rest are 30's and 50 ratings.

So why in the world would people think ms, MS would go back to something that failed them? Everyone knows that's not how MS works, they'll implement Kinect in the 720 in better way. Take "Better With Kinect" featured in core games. Those were popular because not only did it work but it was a natural fit.

MS will 100% bring the games come next gen, you'll have to be blind to think other wise.

As far as MS "not worried about the PS4" MS is either doing some hardcore Bluffing or have something that's super badass under wraps.

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Zuperman1894d ago Show
SilentNegotiator1894d ago

Microsoft not worried about Ps4?

*clicks "No way"*


Evil-snuggles1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wants to change that. In a speech at a developer conference in Japan yesterday, Ballmer promised "Next box" released in 2012 and is looking to utilize a “natural user interface.” And the best weapon in the Microsoft arsenal is Kinect – the device-less motion interface system for Xbox gaming systems. Wow Nelson laugh HA HA

Ben121894d ago


ICECREAM1894d ago

They should not rush the console again otherwise I see RROD all over again.

TAURUS-5551894d ago

kinect 2.0...biggest joke ever...not everybody is 5 years old.

iNFAMOUZ11894d ago

there never was hype for ps4 to begin with LMAO, it died off like 2 days after.

Xbox 3, be scared, be very scared >;)

MysticStrummer1894d ago

Can you not read? There's been all kinds of hype from developers, fans, and the industry in general.

Ju1893d ago

No hype, huh? That's why every headline has PS4 in the title, even if we talk about the next xbox. Right?

MysticStrummer1894d ago

"Microsoft not worried about PS4"

Sony wasn't worried about 360.

Thunderhawkxbox1894d ago ShowReplies(1)
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LOGICWINS1894d ago

If Microsoft has the balls to wait until June to reveal a console, then they clearly have something that they feel confident with.

Nyxus1894d ago

I hope it's not just Kinect 2.0...

Chuk51894d ago

Kinect isn't going anywhere. I wouldn't have a problem with it, so as long as it works and it isn't invasive. Current connect is intresting, but horribly flawed and poorly implemented.

Murad1894d ago

It's probably that everything is now DRM.

DoesUs1894d ago

@Green. Nope, Nvidia are not involved. Same specs as have been leaked...for the umpteenth time. Your fall from grace will be spectacular if you keep this up.

MS and Sony are going in 2 somewhat different avenues.

Both won't be worried about each other to be honest.

Evil-snuggles1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

It's com sense that the Xbox 720 will be under powered compared to the PS4 the Xbox 720 is gone to ship with a kinect 2.0 in every 720 console to keep cost in step with PS4 it makes sense to lower spec on the console to keep cost down Shift cost from hardware to kinect 2.0 Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wants to change that. In a speech at a developer conference in Japan yesterday, Ballmer promised "next box" released in 2012 and is looking to utilize a “natural user interface.” And the best weapon in the Microsoft arsenal is Kinect – the device-less motion interface system for Xbox gaming systems. Read it and weep xfanboy

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Godmars2901894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Or nothing that's going to truly top the PS4's specs. Showing what they have to show when it'll be most impactful to the general consumer market as apposed to the gaming industry.

In other-words: the PS4 might be better in regards to gaming development, whereas Xbox3 will be a cable box which has Halo and COD.

Isn't the thing about Kinect is that currently it doesn't work in general, only with certain/simple games, and by the patients floating around, by its next iteration it could become very evasive? Be more of value to MS as a marketing and ad tool than any real use to consumers expected to use it.

Dj7FairyTail1894d ago

gaming is not about specs
it about users experiences and a console that will bring a lot games to us by developers.

In the end every console need to be different so that every console can sell.

If Wii u-PS4 are the system with Great Exclusives and have multiplats that 720 have there is no point of getting the next xbox.

Knight_Crawler1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

You know what would be great...if both consoles are equal in power and games.

Then PS loyalist and XBOX loyalist wont have any ammo to throw at each and N4G would finally be a neutral place with PS and XBOX fanboys giving each other agrees and bubbles.

Edit: I wonder what people like strong man would do if both consoles equal in everything since they wont have a purpose in life.

greenpowerz1894d ago Show
Godmars2901894d ago

No. I want games - JRPGs, sprite-based side scrollers, beat-em ups and a few Star Fox style flight sims. Decent apps for BlipTV, Dailymotion, even Youtube and not having to pay for them since I now. BR/DVD.

With all the shoehorning of social function and pay2play/DRM I'm not getting most of that.

I think and will continue to repeat that the current console cycle was rushed into. Was broken as a result and all the petty bickering on all sides only made it worse.

Would hope that the next gen would fix some issues, but we're all bring too much with us for all to go away or even get better.

BlueTemplar1894d ago

@greenpowerz Do you seriously believe Sony dont have a console?

You think they had that big reveal and went to great expense to develop games such as Killzone, Knack, etc for a laugh?

You think the likes of Blizzard, Bungie, Capcom, etc are just going along with an elaborate charade for shits and giggles?

You probably do actually believe all of the above. In which case I have abject pity for you as that would make you very special indeed.

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SuperLupe1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Well its not like its MS that lost 50% of their market share this gen.

Sony fanboys were acting the same last gen before the 360 and PS3 launched ... we all know how that ended.

edit: specs sure didnt help Sony win this gen, on the contrary they went from hero to zero. I wonder what on planet earth makes Sony fanboys think it will this time. Talk about amnesia.

Unicron1894d ago

We all know how it ended. Both got trounced by Nintendo. You're fighting over an imaginary second place. It's sad. Just play games.

zebramocha1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

@super But the overall sales of the ps3 is similar to the 360,even though Sony had a higher price tag,their on line wasn't as mature as Ms in the beginning,it launched a year after the 360 and Ms secured content first on high profile games.

@uni no one cares for the wii getting higher overall sales because it had two things going for it,cheaper price and motion control.

1894d ago
OSIRUSSS1894d ago

Yep, this Gen, last Gen,next Gen, Sony with the most sales is how it ends.

Dmagic1894d ago

with xbox in last place again.

Evil-snuggles1894d ago

PS3 sold more game console than Xbox 360 1 million and a half more than 360 PS3 over 77 million 360 76 million. World wide sorry to break it to you

SuperLupe1894d ago

First of all thank you for your imaginary figures.

Last gen:

- PS2 100 + million
- Xbox 25 million

Thats a 75 million difference ...

And now you're here trying to prove a point with a 1 million gap for Sony ... geez oh how the mighty have fallen ... how they have fallen indeed !

Clarence1894d ago

Yeah we know how that ended. 360 1st to the market last gen, but still ended up in last place.

Sony is the only company to break 100m console mark twice, and will do it again with the PS3.

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GalacticEmpire1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

OR they don't have enough to beat what Sony has shown already and they're struggling to pull something together, it's a possibility. It's not like MS to just let go of the spotlight like this, they are notorious marketing hogs.

Sure MS, you might not be worried now but if you leave it too late...

kickerz1894d ago

I wander if they're waiting so long cause they have something amazing to show and don't want anyone to copy this idea.. just a thought.

BlueTemplar1894d ago

"If Microsoft has the balls to wait until June to reveal a console, then they clearly have something that they feel confident with."

Or theyve had to have a rethink following the ps4 reveal.

jlemdon1894d ago

I totally agree that MS is confident,not just with the kinnect. They probably gonna put 64mb esram to compensate the GPU processing power.

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Chuk51894d ago

That is dumb.

Your speculation is dumb.

ICECREAM1894d ago

Are they confident?
Remember what happened with ps3 after delaying the launch and they are not Sony, they will never be able to recover from the delay dilemma with confidence.

SandWitch1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Well, they do not need to worry. PS4 should be fine methinks

Raiz1894d ago

bullS*&^T... source close to site predicting..... waste read.. site hungry for hits.....