Shut up and get excited for 'Saints Row IV'

StickSkills said, "The Third celebrates the game-ness of the genre, ratcheting every aspect upwards beyond the expected norm. Playing it is like going on vacation with your id at the wheel; it's loads of fun with a good amount of weird sprinkled throughout. So now that we have confirmation of Saints Row IV, the obvious question is, 'should we be excited?' My answer is a resounding 'hell yes.'"

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Irishguy952012d ago

If it wasn't called Saints Row people would be excited for it.

guitarded772012d ago

Could also be that GTAV is just around the corner... I think most people have it as a higher priority for sandbox gaming. If it wasn't set to come out soon, people (in general) would probably be paying more attention.

Winter47th2011d ago

The problem with Saints Row (After 3 anyways), is that it tries to be so.many.things that it basically has no soul, nothing which makes it distinct, it's basically a clusterfu** and they're trying to push it so hard down our throats it stopped being funny from the first trailer.

MysticStrummer2011d ago

Well I bought Saints Row 3, and it was called Saints Row. After playing it, I'm not excited about Saints Row 4.

Snookies122011d ago

You obviously didn't play it co-op lol.

Buzz7S2011d ago

@MysticStrummer I'm sure he would of, if he wasn't forced to enter an online pass code to play with a friend, online or even LOCALLY. Yes, locally. You can't play co-op via system link within the same household if you don't have an online pass.

TheGrimOfDeath2012d ago

I'm really sorry, but I'm so not excited for the game. I don't give a crap if you added new game play and the game looks EXACTLY the same, also the area that you are going to play in looks like Steelport.

You better upgrade those visuals and art style if you are going to bring the game to the next-gen and current-gen consoles because I am not paying for something that was supposed to be DLC for SR3.

TheGrimOfDeath2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

I'm perfectly sober man, maybe you're drunk? Need those glasses checked out?

Also to the guy below me (FlameBaitGod), yes COD has looked the same, but there has been many new small differences that make the game interesting with each new COD, also each story is set in different locations not like SR4 (Which looks like it's set in SteelPort again).

Another reason is that I have only bought BO2 so I don't give a shit for COD. I play with friends for fun and shit.

FlameBaitGod2012d ago

cod has looked the same since cod 4..... you haven't complained about it...

Bimkoblerutso2012d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Yeah, I never thought I'd say this, but...I think I've beaten enough people with dildos for a good long while.

HeavenlySnipes2012d ago

Game is basically a 8-10 hour gimmick. None of the stuff in the trailer looked appealing

SilentNegotiator2012d ago

You've already decided how long it will be? -_-

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