StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm review -- Ironhammers PC Gaming

Ironhammers writes: "In a world of day-one DLC, it’s becoming far less often that we see a full on expansion pack — but Blizzard is still rolling them out as ‘full on’ as they come. With more than two years passing since Wings of Liberty ceased a twelve year long StarCraft hiatus, the next installment is here. Read on for our full Heart of the Swarm review, by our resident StarCraft fanatic, Bobby."

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fluffydelusions2017d ago

Great game. Really enjoyed the campaign even if the story is cheesy.

Action GO FIGURE2016d ago

Game is easy mode, even in Brutal. Legacy of the Void will be epic I hope.

2pacalypsenow2016d ago

man now i gotta wait another 2 years for the protos campaign

Hydralysk2016d ago

Definitely worth the price of admission if you're the least bit interested in Starcraft.