Samsung's Galaxy S4 Game Pad Is The Future Of Handheld Gaming

Samung's Galaxy S4 is the first Android phone that stands a chance to usurp the iPhone's place as the preferred smartphone for gaming. It's not the new features or improved specs that are so exciting, but a peripheral that finally allows it to bridge the gap between smartphones and dedicated gaming handhelds.

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Nyxus2018d ago

"This could be the end of dedicated gaming handhelds."

I've heard this before. But in the end, what matters are the games. They decide what is successful.

LOGICWINS2018d ago

And the ioS/Android market has games in affordable prices too :)

Nyxus2018d ago

Yes, but do they reach the quality level of games on dedicated handhelds? Some maybe, but certainly not all of them.

LOGICWINS2018d ago

^^At $0-$10, do they have to?

fluffydelusions2018d ago

Toilet/bus/train games you play in 5 min spurts sure.

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Neckbear2018d ago

You know, the Xperia Play already did this without being tacky as heck and even then it didn't have too big of a success. Why would this worse solution be any different? At the end of the day this will be mostly useful for those who like emulating stuff in their phones, no more. The quality of the games will never get close to what you see in actual handhelds.

SandWitch2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Just like PC is the future of gaming. Those phones cost like twice more than PS VITA and three times more than 3DS, and you need to change them like every two years to keep up.

But the most important thing is, these controllers will never be popular. Only the hardcore gamers would buy such thing. And, you know, pretty much every hardcore gamer would better buy 3DS or PS VITA, especially when it's cheaper too.

majiebeast2018d ago

That looks ass why would you ever walk around with that. Atleast 3DS and Psvita dont look like bride of frankenstein. Controller alone is almost big as a 3ds and vita.

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