GTA 5 publisher defends development cycle

The news of Grand Theft Auto 5 being delayed has hit fans hard, and although this seems to be the most anticipated game to release for some time, we hope that this delay will be used to create a title worthy of the wait. It seems that all those involved with the development of the GTA 5 have been heavily criticized by fans expecting the game sooner, yet Take-Two Interactive has jumped to the defence of the long development cycle, as well as the amount of time between each instalment.

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Snookies122012d ago

Dude, forget people who complain about it. I don't want an incomplete product, I'm VERY happy to hear they delayed it. That can only mean it's going to be even better. They're busy making a masterpiece, I'd rather have that than yet another "pretty good" game.

claud32012d ago

this is why this business model works

Reborn2012d ago

For a game such as GTA, its best they don't put one out every couple of years. It pays off, and it doesn't hamper quality.

Gamesgbkiller2012d ago

What if its bad ? NO
IF it doesn't have a single problem , I'd be happy for the delay :)

H3ADWOUND812011d ago

Let's face it, all games have issues. It's just part and parcel of it like. People will probably call us a fanboy but I always enjoy the majority of rockstars work they put out, barring max payne 3's multiplayer which I detested, but on a hole, the odds of it being a great game are well & truly stacked in rockstars favor.

N0S3LFESTEEM2011d ago

Rockstar have yet to release a "Bad" game...

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The story is too old to be commented.