God of War: Ascension [Review] -

Ian Fisher writes: Once again technically impressive, the ever amazing visuals can’t save God of War: Ascension from being a rather tepid and disappointing game. Lacking a true sense of soul and direction, Ascension seems to be all over the place with pacing that never finds its footing, combat that is riddled with small issues that prevent it from feeling refined or evolved, and a story that literally does nothing to advance or deepen the existing God of War mythos. Aside from a surprisingly deep and fun multiplayer mode, this latest entry in the God of War series sadly shows major franchise fatigue that will likely have the biggest fans of Kratos disappointed with what has been delivered to them.

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Heavenly King2013d ago

This game is at the very least a 9/10. The combat is amazing. It has great puzzles, awesome soundtrack and great pacing.

It is the best GOW game yet.

aquamala2013d ago

agreed, still a good game and worth playing, but dissapointing.

bacrec12012d ago

There's a surprising amount of depth to the multiplayer, that i find many reviewers have overlooked.