Preview: Terraria | newbreview's Tom Wallis goes hands on with the XBLA version of Terraria.

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Snookies122103d ago

Hmmm, I had always been interested to hear how they'd do the mining portion with a controller... Considering the blocks are so small, it's hard to get them with the mouse at times. An auto-aim feature sounds kinda nice, but I'll have to see it in action. Regardless, I'll be super happy with online being built in, rather than a hassle (which it REALLY is for PC).

I do hope they get around to doing improvements on the PC version as well, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to grab a copy for the console anyway. It'll be nice to do some split-screen and whatnot.

sdozzo2103d ago

I'm excited to use a controller. I think it will sell well. Hopefully, it can be on the vita.

Kirnisorey2103d ago

Later this year?? What happened to March?

sdozzo2103d ago

Yeah, last week I heard March. But, with no one saying anything I just assumed it was pushed back to summer.