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GAMAGANDA: "God of War: Ascension has a nice mix of elements in single-player, some cool multiplayer modes and on top of that it gives you a glimpse into Kratos' past, the last chance you'll ever get to meet him on the PlayStation 3. Should you play the game?"

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dc12013d ago

Good/Fair review. Currently making my way through the Main Story. I don't want to touch the MP until I through.

.. I know I'm going to get my rear handed to me. Looking forward to getting in a few victories along the way.

h0stile2013d ago

free for all is a little tougher, but team deathmatch and capture the flag are ok. I like tdm more :)

dc12013d ago

Thanks. I'll try to hang out a little more in team deathmatch.. and not be reason my team loose.

tweet752013d ago

its a great gsme just more of the same the series is suffering from sequelitis

LessThan2Tflops2013d ago

These same graphics looks good but not great anymore, bring on next gen