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God of War: Ascension is a disaster of a game, lacking the excitement, refinement, and quality of previous installments. I get the feeling that the developers really wanted to mix things up in the combat department, but unfortunately, while the game probably needed a few new tricks, the result here is a step in the wrong direction. Constant unfair deaths, glitches, and poor direction has resulted in a teeth grindingly painful experience that doesn’t do justice to the franchise.

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moegooner882016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Comment made by reviewer on the review,

" Let’s hope this isn’t the Halo 4 review, I’m not sure I could take the legions of N4G questioning my standards, abilities and sexuality again! "

So what he is saying is he has a habit of giving AAA titles low scores so that he can get attention, why would he be concerned about the response of N4G users unless he is underscoring games on purpose , as a reviewer his only concern should be to give a valid and unbiased opinion about the game.

GrizzliS19872016d ago

Kid ruined the credibility of his whole site. Way to go. blistered thumbs on the shi7 list +1

dc12016d ago

I have 'black listed' this site on so many levels.

OhMyGandhi2016d ago is a much better site.

guitarded772016d ago

Don't forget to rate the site here on n4g. I did. Any site that does the "shock and awe", sensationalized headlines, I want attention (high or low) review scores with no reasons to back up the score, etc is a waste of time.

Oh, and people need to put Sterling in his place too when he does stuff like this. He is no less an attention whore than this guy.

insomnium22016d ago

Jesus C. did he say something like that for REAL? I never give sites hits when I see an obvious troll website but my god saying something like that out loud is god dude....

Voted down. Hope we never ever see this site in here again.

PeaSFor2016d ago

the simple fact that he listed "combat" at a CONS, say a lot on his blogging material.

Septic2015d ago

Downvoted instantly....terrible review, if you can call it that.

josephayal2015d ago

TBH I have never heard of this site before

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Irishguy952016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

No not AAA games...

If a sequel is disappointing...he will rape it as if it is a dreadful abomination. Alot of people were disappointed with Halo 4(including me). Alot are also with Ascension.

Not that I agree with him. Terrible review process

HammadTheBeast2016d ago

Thing is, you can't score a game this low unless it's completely broken and just an abomination to play. If he's personally frustrated, he should tone down difficulty, and review fairly.

2016d ago
mandf2016d ago

The only only articles that are failed on this site are actual news articles. They call news duplicates but opinion pieces complaining get approved even though 5 of the same article the same thing are already approved.

God of war is not a 3. A 3 is a broken game that can be completed.

Derekvinyard132016d ago

Agree, this guy has not clue what a 3 game really is

Welshy2016d ago

If i wasn't adamant on not giving his nonsense "journalism" hits, i'd love to trawl through past reviews and see what he gave games like Terminator Salvation, movie tie-ins and Sonic Freeriders.

THOSE are 3/10 games. It may not be the most refreshing game ever and won't take you by surprise, but the slick combat, amazing scale and amazing graphics, this game is not even close to 3/10.

This guy clearly has no clue what a 3/10 is...

HOO-HAA2016d ago

He doesn't even know what day it is!!

aceitman2016d ago

I give this site a -10 out of 100. he is truly no one to listen to at all.

Ezz20132016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

" Let’s hope this isn’t the Halo 4 review, I’m not sure I could take the legions of N4G questioning my standards, abilities and sexuality again! "

yeahhhhhh , now no one will questioning your standards any more , because now every one for sure know you don't have standers at all

a game that the intro in it alone trump any game on the market is a 3/10 game?! lol

as i said before ..the gaming media have no clue about gaming

kenshiro1002015d ago

Not giving this obvious troll a hit. I know what a '3' game is and it's definitely not God of War Ascension.

ShiftyLookingCow2015d ago

I hope N4G seriously considers an ignore list for websites.

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clintagious6502016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

I think what the reviewer really meant was he got a boner off the game but instead of telling us the real score he really meant his pen!$ is 3 inches long while erected lol.

MidnytRain2016d ago

That was embarrassingly weak...

KimDongHwan2016d ago

I always wondered, if this kind of games get a 3/10. How much would those real terrible games get. Its like the intro of GoW:A alone is better tan other full games out there

BoNeSaW232016d ago

WTF? and No people.

What a joke!