Need for Speed: Most Wanted vs. PlayStation Vita

EuroGamer: "In an ongoing series of articles, Digital Foundry takes an in-depth look at the most high-profile PlayStation Vita releases, talking with the developers and gaining new perspective on what it's like creating games for Sony's brilliant - but underperforming - handheld. In this second instalment, our focus is Need for Speed: Most Wanted, one of the most fascinating games available for the platform. Criterion Games' objective here was ambitious: to incorporate PlayStation Vita into the cross-platform development workflow of what turned out to be one of the most technologically advanced current-gen games on the market. As you might expect from the Guildford studio, the result isn't just a great game but a remarkable technological achievement."

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H4all1980d ago

yes... it's a good game in great handheld...

1979d ago
MGRogue20171979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

A remarkable achievement, Criterion did really well with this Vita release.

It's the best Vita title that I own by far :)

hakis861979d ago

I knid of want it, just got my Vita :)
Can you purchase a pack with both the PS3 and PSV version of the game?

MGRogue20171979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

I wish you could but nah, you'd need to purchase the Vita version separately.

It's worth buying the game again anyways. Being able to pull your Vita out of your pocket & experience a console title like that on it within seconds is incredible.

I'd love to have played the PS3 version.. I will do eventually when the price goes down a bit :)

Vitalogy1979d ago

The only negative thing with this game (I own it) is the fact that EA aren't releasing dlc's for it, I guess they don't want more money as I'm sure that almost all NFS:MW vita gamers would buy them.

kB01979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Honestly they did an amazing job, I prob would've dropped the AA in game for Vita to sport a higher resolution. It made things hard to see in distance for me, although that didn't stop me from platinuming it:P lol

The online was also touch and go, sometimes i had great experience other times, people would teleport all over the place.

For a first gen title, I was really surprised they packed the whole game into the console...if given more time I guarantee we would've seen more done:)


I agree, I bought the game off psn thinking we'll see updates but neither dlc or updates have really shown the light of day. So I deleted the game after I got the Plat.

Still I'm waiting for wrc to come to the vita, which shoul dbe next week :) NA at least...

Unless gran turismo comes out, I don't see any other racer pushing the vita like NFS:P, it's ashame they didn't get more dev time, the game prob would've came close to the ps3 version:) Especially with AA dropped.

Also if Sony manages to let dev's use more ram, and more of the hardware's power (not allowing freezing) we'd be much ahead:)

People always compare the Vita and 3Ds to their counter parts, but never understand the resolution playing a role.


People say the 3Ds is as powerful as the Wii or Gamecube, but don't understand that it also runs a lower resolution to sport that power. In terms of Sheer processing power, even the Gamecube Could do more effects on screen if you actually compare the video card on the GC and the 3Ds.

Same witht he Vita, although its compared between the PS2 and PS3 the fact that it stands between the PS2 and the PS3, at a higher resolution it makes it a lot more powerful if dropped.

So in terms of power we start to See

PS3(1080i/720p) > PS Vita(640p)~Xbox(720p/480p) > Wii(480p/i) >GC(480p) > PS2(480p/i) > 3Ds(240p) > Dreamcast(480p/i through VGA)

The Vita prob is more powerful than the Xbox but I've seen some great looking titles on the Xbox such as Black. Againt he 3Ds could be anywhere between Wii and PS2, but I put it behind because of the tech that the PS2 had in both CPU and GPU to push out near next gen games like GOW 2, but unfortunately PS2 wasn't programmer friendly so most multiplats looked better on Gamecube and Xbox (though xbox was more powerful).

Now we can factor in new Tech as well, so new GPU arch makes it more efficient to travel certain resources to their destination, and developers are also starting to use "Illusion" graphics to make games look much better than they are.

A good example of this, is fake 3D (sprites) from 90s, and Halo's amazing Flash light where it would make the environment cast a 3D shadow which was actually just a texture trick:).

So all these play a vital roll!

Up next I want to see Luigi's 2 compared to Luigi's One eurogamer!:D

Redempteur1979d ago

it's a great game much that i have the vita and the ps3 version and i don't regret my purchase ..BUT ..the fact that they didn't allow for dlc on vita disapoint me a lot ..