The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct - Intro cinematic leaked online

G4MERS: "I guess no one has any illusions that AMC's The Walking Dead - Survival Instinct game from Activision will be low-end, but one thing developers have to admit - they did an amazing intro! Were it not for the fact that at the end there is the title of the game, it might be thought that this torch next season of the show."

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Rush1953d ago

Is this the game that stars Daryl and Merle? or another spin off?

R_aVe_N1953d ago

This game focus on Daryl and Merle before they got to Atlanta. So it is basically their story and how they got there.

THC CELL1953d ago

The whole game been leaked on Xbox 5.99 gb

FENDR1953d ago

does iMARS have a website?

noxeven1953d ago

maybe when its 5 dollars

MooseWI1953d ago

Okay I haven't read much on this game, but judging from the comments, this hasn't been received very well, is this worth looking at?

Kran1953d ago

Bet the actual game doesn't even look half as decent as it does there.