GameStop employees are getting a special gift from Ubisoft

"GameStop employees are being treated with a special gift from Ubisoft that is sure to make hardcore fans of the [Assassin's Creed] series very happy."-

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Eddie201011648d ago

Instead of bribing retail and media they should be giving free stuff to the people that actually buy their games.

DragonKnight1648d ago

There should be a bubble up option that says "F*cking Troof* and I'd give you a bubble up for that. For now, I'll settle for a Well Said.

Root1648d ago true

You can tell that as time goes on and we get to AC5 or AC6 they will even start bribing gaming sites.

"Do you think they will start to realise that we are doing too much AC and are milking it to death"

"Naaah....just give them some free stuff and they'll be fine"

GreenRanger1648d ago

Ubisoft --> GameStop employees --> eBay....

sarshelyam1648d ago

GreenRanger_ --> Generalization --> FTW

I have one and it is most certainly not going on eBay.

secretcode1648d ago

Dude, I wouldn't argue with him until his Green Candle goes out, otherwise he'll just summon the Dragonzord and he'll wreck the damn city.

ShadowKingpin1648d ago

I am the same way. I refuse to sell it.

Wagz221648d ago

yea I got one of them and it is really nice and there's like 30,000 made.

Valenka1648d ago

Four of my friends that work at GameStop hate Assassin's Creed, so I'm sure we'll be seeing some of these on eBay shortly.

Seraphim1648d ago

yeah I'm thinking at least 30k of those 31.xk will end up on ebay Lol.

WeAreLegion1648d ago

I hated working at GameStop.

Swiggins1648d ago

Really? I loved it, had great co-workers.

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The story is too old to be commented.