Yebis 2 Software Ready For Playstation 4 Development gets news from Silicon Studio about their latest software. With their auxiliary Yebis 2 tool, the next generation of games will look even shinier, such as a few Playstation 4 projects.

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GribbleGrunger1774d ago

I just wonder how many people who are fooled by resolution and sharp edges are going to actually believe that the images that DON'T use this tech look better. This is going to be fascinating to watch as next gen kicks off.

Capodastaro1774d ago

This isn't new, all they have done is ported it over ready for PS4 development...

ShugaCane1774d ago

Wow, Gunslinger Stratos looks so fine !! And it seems to be a really fun game. I wish it was localized in western countries.

sinncross1774d ago

I wish it was brought to the PSV, or hopefully will be brought to the PS4 since the PS4 supports that engine.

jacksheen00001774d ago

Excellent. I notice there were a lot less Jaggies on screen when using the Yebis 2 Software tool rendering.

Bathyj1774d ago

So that was an actual realtime tech demo by Square?

Baka-akaB1774d ago

It was always confirmed as such

Detoxx1774d ago

Looking so awesome! Can't wait to see BF4 March 26, let's see what DICE can do

KillrateOmega1774d ago

Same here, bro. 64 PLAYERS!!

Detoxx1774d ago


Tonester9251774d ago

Hopefully the sun isn't a huge flashlight in your face. Think they went kind of overboard with the lens flare lol

torchic1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

holy crap that's true. in fact many of the lights were overdone

in the beginning (before patches) the flashlights were so bad you physically had to cover your eyes when playing, it was unreal.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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