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Tomb Raider Review | STFUandPlay

STFUandPlay's Brian Munjoma writes:

"It’s hard to believe that is has been almost 20 years since Lara Croft first graced our screens in the original Tomb Raider on the PlayStation 1. Since then, she has starred in a string of chart topping games; a couple of movies and in 2006 was recognized as being the Most Successful Videogame Heroine by Guinness World Records. So it would come as an odd surprise that Square Enix would want to reboot such a popular and successful franchise." (PC, PS3, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360) -

OOG  +   896d ago
I love this game.... can't wait to see what they might be able to do with the next one and where they will go with the story.
Romudeth  +   896d ago
I can't say enough good things about Tomb Raider. The game is incredible.
tordavis  +   896d ago

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