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MW4 is coming

CarlosX360 writes: "Every year, a new Call of Duty title is to be expected. However, there has been little hints, little whispers, and little rumblings about whether the next title is a Modern Warfare entry. I investigate whether the reveal is about Modern Warfare 4 or not. All signs point to yes, tho." (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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The_Infected  +   901d ago
We all knew it was coming. Lol
princejb134  +   900d ago
I'm actually pretty shocked *puts a duck face on*
knowyourstuff  +   900d ago
This one filed under "duh"
irepbtown  +   900d ago
Yep, now the question is:

Next gen... or this gen...
zeeshan  +   899d ago
And the sky is blue. ..
RedSoakedSponge  +   899d ago

it will be on 360, PS3, PC, Wii, WiiU, PS4, Nextbox, PSVita, 3DS, iPhone, Android, PS2, Xbox, N64, PS1, Gamecube.

oh and the kitchen sink.
jammy_70  +   899d ago
Mw1, mw2, mw3.... Who can even imagine what is coming next..
PeaSFor  +   899d ago
Call Of AimAssist:Mordern Wimp 4
blackberty  +   900d ago
Just like we know BF4 is coming, and 5, 6.. 7..
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney   900d ago | Trolling | show
momthemeatloaf  +   900d ago
BF5 will be announced before BF4 releases. EA is milking the cow like Activision. I just hope gamers wake up and start realizing what's going on here.
Reverent  +   900d ago
Yes because Battlefield does yearly releases... /s
blackberty  +   899d ago
@Reverent, bet by end of next year BF5 will be on the. cards
Donnieboi  +   899d ago
Yeah but at least Battlefield is strong enough to not need a new sequal every year just to get people excited again. BF stands on it's own two feet. COD charges $60 for a glorified map pack disguised as a "new" yearly release. Dare I remind u of the mw2 files found in mw3?

Meh, i'm sick of thesr bf/cod comparisons. Some people will just never learn.
x5exotic  +   900d ago
It says "Modern", but it's really getting old

jlukee  +   900d ago
I wonder if its going to be the same old engine rehashed again.. (sarcasm)
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   899d ago
Rename it Mediocre Warfare.
JC_Denton  +   900d ago
"MW4 is coming. Do we care?"

AngelicIceDiamond  +   900d ago
Too bad there will be bigger and better games released at the same time as COD. New Ip's from Sony, MS, third party devs. Could be skipping on this game for way more ambitious titles.

I still think Activision Should release Destiny in late September or early October.

Never mind I forgot GTA owns the September and October Windows.

Damn will why not release it in November? Is Activision really of afraid of Destiny de-throaning Cod or COD squashing Destiny? Why not just give people choice instead of forcing folks to buy COD?
zeddy  +   900d ago
seriously they should take a year off, work on some stuff.
TheSaint  +   899d ago
You might as well have wrote 'everyone agree with me'.
IAmLee  +   899d ago
this was completely unexpected..
iizMonterZ_  +   898d ago
yea..for real cod..makes a new game everyyear and releases it around the 2nd week on November..
krazykombatant  +   901d ago
EA is gonna be PISSED! How does activision even dare take the yellow and blue lights!!
krazykombatant  +   901d ago
Did i really just say yellow i meant orange. *facepalm*
SolidStoner  +   900d ago
lol, but thats true, what are they thinking.. those light orange lines are just as like in BF3 and 4 pictures... crazy... and this MW4 picture looks like taken from BF3 earthquake maps...

EDIT: it must be fan made.. or something.. anyway.. I bet it will look just like this :D
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ApolloTheBoss  +   900d ago
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DigitalSmoke  +   900d ago
Wow the stolen art design is a chump move for sure, lame.
Yardie  +   900d ago
pretty sure it was created by a fan.
CarlosX360  +   900d ago
It's the only working MW4 image that I could find. When there's more, I'll use those. For now, this will have to do.
Trago1337  +   900d ago
I wonder how much longer these games will sell before the franchise fatigue kicks in.
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CarlosX360  +   900d ago
Until something better comes along. Respawn's game hasn't been revealed yet, and Destiny hasn't picked up steam yet...

It'll be a while.
princejb134  +   900d ago
activision is copying and pasting mw3 as we speak
adding 2 or 3 more cars to a level and than claiming is a new game
FarCryLover182  +   900d ago
and changing the scorestreaks a bit... lol.
nitrogav  +   900d ago
What a surprise , yawn .
venom06  +   900d ago
HAHA!! this is too funny!! so what EXACTLY is MW4 going to offer??? they can't do a future setting again (BO2 did already did that) and they cant copy and paste MW2 again (MW3 already did that)... and they wont use a new engine either... so why the hell am i buying MW4 again??
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   899d ago
Guns will shoot confetti, the knife animation will be turned into a hug(bear hug from behind), Killstreaks will be replaced by party favors ex: 3 confetti facials get's you a party hat, 5 gets you a clown, and 8 lets swing at a pinata. The setting will be something similar to a teletubbie episode...
Trago1337  +   900d ago
For those who keep buying these games every year, I have a question: What is it about these games that get you to purchase them every year?

In my experiences with the recent titles, in terms of gameplay mechanics, content, etc, there hasn't been anything truly game changing or spectacular about these iterations that set them apart from one another, other than Zombies in WaW.

I'm seriously curios about this.
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spaceg0st  +   900d ago
honestly? it's the ONE game that brings everyone on my friends list together. Throughout the year, everyone kind of plays this and that, maybe a couple duplicates, but COD has always brought 6-7 of my closest friends together. And its more about hanging out with them than anything. (and i live out of state) I tried converting them to BF3 but it didn't really take. As we all know, COD appeals to the casual arcade crowd, which is the main reason so many ppl pick it up. I wish it wasn't the case
Trago1337  +   900d ago
Yeah, I've gotten that same answer from "Rational" players who like the series.

And I totally get it as a game that you play with your friends. Whenever some old friends of mine get together after a while from hanging out, the first thing we do is Pop in Smash Bros. and play 'till 3 A.M. lol.

Personally however, When it comes to shooters, the COD series hasn't Broken any boundaries for me. I still think CoD 4 is the best one, but the newer ones really don't leave me with anything to be desired at all. It's just run down a Hallway and shoot, which is fine for some people, but i prefer a little more depth to my shooters, i.e. Bioshock, Unreal 2004, and Left 4 Dead.

so thanks for that.
CarlosX360  +   900d ago
I agree with spaceg0st. The appeal of the games after COD4 was that it could bring gamers together at a given time.
KaBaW  +   900d ago
I'd have to agree, that's really the only reason I get the game.
Play with friends at each others houses, or online with everyone.

But, I'd agree with you, as well, that CoD 4 was the best one, yet.
ape007  +   900d ago

you BF fanboys are trying to act like BF is hardcore and CoD is a casual game but how wrong is that, because CoD is accessible therefor it's a causal game, that's a F***** up logic my friend and according to you gentleman, Mario is a casual game, zelda is a casual game, Metal Gear, Grand theft auto, uncharted, Burnout etc...

there is a huge difference between a casual game and a Core\traditional accessible game like i listed above

the way u think is Casual
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Eyeco  +   900d ago
CODs appeal is its fast arcade gameplay combined with its miltoplayer which come on now does have some depth

I used to just hate on the franchise but now I just dont care, ive never bought any of the games personally and dont plan to in the future that said many people enjoy them regardless if the franchise milked, in the end its their money not ours let them spend it on what they want instead of whining about someonelses purchase on the internet.

No matter how many times people call it garbage they still sell by the 10's of millions, people enjoy them and Activision laughs all the way to the bank to collect their billions.

Bottomline who cares, looking at the comments most people arent gonna buy the game, just play something else there are better shooters on the market, if you want a hardcore, challenging FPS pick up ARMA or Operation Flashpoint
trenso1  +   899d ago
I have to agree ever since me and my friends stopped playing COD we havnt played a game together since
jimbobwahey  +   900d ago
One big selling point of COD for me is that for my money, I get an excellent singleplayer campaign and a whole truckload of competitive and cooperative multiplayer content, especially in comparison to other games that just simply don't offer as much for the money.

Pretty much every other sequel to any other franchise offers the bare minimum of new content, meanwhile COD will pack a whopping 15 multiplayer maps on the disc, loads of co-op content and all sorts of other stuff to keep players coming back.

I also appreciate how each title finds clever ways to mix up multiplayer, be it the clever strike packages in MW3 or the great kill confirmed mode, or the new Zombies modes and 'Pick 10' system in BO2. Every other multiplayer shooter just regurgitates the same thing, but the COD franchise is always keeping things fresh with each new game.

I also really like the smooth 60fps gameplay too, which is really nice after playing something as sluggish as Battlefield for example.

Finally on top of that, they just can't be beaten for value for money when it comes to DLC. The content collections for MW3 for example offered crazy amounts of competitive/cooperative content for the money.

I'm not bothered by the fact that they keep using the same engine for their games either because every other development studio reuses their engines for sequels as well.
Thefreeman012  +   900d ago
you keep saying value but Im not seeing the value if it can be diminished by the fact I can play the games before. I wouldnt say what they do to "revamp" multiplayer is clever, more or less just a rehash with an extra weapon thrown in
Themba76  +   900d ago
what do you mean by value on dlc new small maps and thats it? at least battlefield I get new maps weapons and new vehicles and new gameplay modes COD just small maps with the same design just a different color.
shin-90  +   899d ago
The COD franchise feels the best to play out of all FPS's- its so responsive and slick. I cant explain it properly but after trying other games they don't seem to generate that same level of satisfaction.
XIIIWARRIOR41  +   900d ago
It's business and if you all owned Activision. I'm sure you be happy that your racking up the cash!
Reverent  +   900d ago
Which is why I don't blame Activision for this at all. I blame the sheep that follow them.
josephayal  +   900d ago
MW4 is Coming? wow I'm very impressed
rezzah  +   900d ago
Lol itd be more impressive if it wasnt.
ape007  +   900d ago
ACTIVISION please bring back original devs that went to "respawn studios" with EA and give them a new next gen based engine and hire hans zimmer for soundtrack like MW2, that ladies and gentlemen would be the best CoD game EVER and a dream come true for me, easily

i know that seem impossible, o know we'll get another MW3 like rehash on current gen but never say never
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spaceg0st  +   900d ago
mw2 sucked. Please ignore his request
Gamer-Z  +   900d ago
MW2 did not suck, yeah it had its glitches but it was by no means a bad game.
ape007   900d ago | Trolling | show
coolbeans  +   900d ago
The only mention of MW2 in ape's first post say "hire hans zimmer for soundtrack like MW2" (which was an excellent soundtrack btw), so what are you talking about?
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CanadianTurtle  +   900d ago
After playing MW3's online for 4 months, uh no thanks.
PinkFunk  +   900d ago
You played MW3 online for 4 months, while not liking it?
SAE  +   900d ago
It's like drugs. You can't stop even if you want to until you really really get bored of gaming. I blame my brothers and friends for making me playing it. So i'm still gonna buy Mw4 even though i hate it and know how to play it before it's announced >.< ..
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PRHB HYBRiiD  +   900d ago
Im telling you COD it's like some illuminati shit/
digger18  +   900d ago
Can't wait. Day one for me
LordHiggens  +   900d ago
Color me shocked...and the piece of garbage will sell well too. Just like every other one. 1 was great, 2 was good everything after that sucked.
ape007  +   900d ago
you're overreacting, yes they are almost the same but the sweet smooth almost perfect controls that nobody quite matched is garbage?? that means you're not a real gamer, u just want new engines and flashy gfx, reality disagres with u, minecraft and CoD are the most played games and u know why?....... FUN, END
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SAE  +   900d ago
I don't have fun but i'm still playing it so i bet others have the same reasons i have lol
Reverent  +   900d ago
"You're not a real gamer because you don't like my favorite game!" Boo hoo. Seriously, grow up. There's nothing wrong with complaining about a game that seriously needs improvement. Because of people like you, Activision gets away with selling this game with nothing but re-skins. If MORE people would refuse to buy it and complain, Activision will think, "Hmm, maybe we need to switch things up a little.".

But no, you CoD fans are perfectly content playing the exact same game year after year, so guess what? Activision is going to squeeze every last cent out of you before you finally, if ever, realize you're being ripped off.

I don't hate/dislike the CoD franchise at all, but it is getting old and if more people don't get with the picture, the game will never evolve.
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angelsx  +   900d ago
I'm not cod boy but this time i think MW4 will surprise us.
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Y_5150  +   900d ago
What if it doesn't when you or somebody else buys it? just wait till next year right? This is how the vicious cycle continues...
objdadon  +   900d ago
U wanna no why we buy it? Cause it's fun! Not over serious just fun!
Saleem101  +   900d ago
I guess you like rambo feelin it gives you aim assist does wonders lol....
jaymart2k  +   900d ago
And the fact that bullets are like laser beams, they go straight no matter what.
ShadowKingx  +   900d ago
Really, and guess what next year they wont be a MW4 but there will be a Black Ops 3 and then then following year there will be a MW 5 and so on and so forth, and guess what it will never change it will be the same DAMN game.
MrAnderson  +   900d ago
No shit...

and as always, I won't be buying it
#19 (Edited 900d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Y_5150  +   900d ago
Yes you said it and I'm with you. Never bought a Call of Dooty game ever! Not planning on either.
bamillington  +   900d ago
not for me. since i got into battlefield i can't see any reason to cod
Saleem101  +   900d ago
COD needs to die or remove aim assist from the game...
rezzah  +   900d ago
Almost everyone uses AA online. Unless, based on my experince, the majority of my killcams were those who used AA.
Gamer-40  +   900d ago
I hope, next-gen title and using new engine. UE4? Ghost returns?
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Incipio  +   900d ago
Remember when it was Call of Duty 4: MW?

Now it's Call of Duty: MW4.

Just a little switching around of the colon and the number.
HmongAmerican  +   900d ago
I hope PS4 is launch by then because this is the game I want to see in it next gen graphic. Maybe Activision won't be so greedy this time and update their outdated game engine.
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artdafoo  +   900d ago
Keep dreaming son
kenshiro100  +   900d ago
I am shocked I say, shocked. /s
CEOSteveBallmer  +   900d ago
Very Nice how much?? - BORAT
Britainz-Fin3st  +   900d ago
What a suprise...
ISNeko  +   900d ago
Modern Warfare 3 was basically 2. Is 4 going to be... CoD4?
CapsLocke  +   900d ago
So what? Why is this should be here?
artdafoo  +   900d ago
That has got to be a typo, dont they mean MW3.5 ?
jaymart2k  +   900d ago
You mean mw2.6
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   899d ago
More like 2.2
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